Founding Signatories

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Dr. Brian O’Leary
Ellen Brown, JD
Joel Garbon
Paul Von Ward
Jeane Manning
Dr. Thomas Hansen
Ken Rauen
Sacha Stone

Founding Signatories, Alphabetical

Ellen Brown Joel Garbon Dr. Tom Hansen Jeane Manning
Dr. Brian O’Leary Ken Rauen Robert David Steele Sacha Stone
Paul Von Ward James Wallerstedt David Yurth
Founding Signatories, Order of Endorsement
Note: We are very proud of all our amazing “Founding Signatories!”

James WallerstedtJW-Mt-Shasta

James is the founder of the New Energy Declaration project. He got involved with Breakthrough Energy topics after meeting Dr. Brian O’Leary in Costa Rica in 2004, where James was working at the UN’s University for Peace. Upon returning to the US after losing his UPeace job – for leading this project to eject a CIA sponsored program from the university – James served as a public spokesperson for the non-profit New Energy Movement project founded by Dr. O’Leary.

In 2006, James developed what became the largest collection of online resources anywhere documenting the suppression of revolutionary clean breakthrough energy and transportation technologies involving unlawful application of US national security law (ie: Section 181, Title 35 of the 1951 US Invention Secrecy Act). While those topics have become much more broadly discussed from 2004 until today, when these public initiatives were undertaken, the topics were little known even within breakthrough energy circles. James is a passionate advocate for distributing suppressed best-of-breed revolutionary E&T (energy and transportation) technologies within a global GESARA genre framework to also include “New Earth” and “New Health” planks.

James is an entrepreneur, activist, software developer and educator  who also holds a degree in International Affairs from the University of California’s School of Global Policy and Strategy.

Dr. Brian O’Learybrian-oleary

Dr. Brian O’Leary, who passed in 2011, is widely recognized as the primary “founding father” of the increasingly active and successful global “breakthrough energy” public education and activism project, now achieving major milestones as even traditional “Deep State” elements within the US military are showing open support for distribution of Section 181 E&T technologies. The inaugural Breakthrough Energy Movement conference (Amsterdam, 2012) was dedicated to Brian’s memory. Brian was an exceptional scientist, humanitarian, activist and educator who understood the pivotal planetary importance of bringing clean, safe, suppressed revolutionary (“free”) energy and transportation technologies into large-scale distribution. He personally confided his disillusionment about Al Gore and others he’d communicated the New Energy story to lying to the public about our true options.

Brian was a former NASA astronaut, astro-physicist and tenure-track professor of physics at Cornell and Princeton. The video at the top of the right of this page has Brian’s cameo in the original Thrive documentary. From Brian’s Wikipedia page

A remote viewing experience in 1979 and a near-death experience in 1982 initiated Brian’s’s departure from orthodox science. After leaving Princeton, O’Leary worked in the space industry at Science Applications International Corporation but refused to work on military applications. O’Leary increasingly explored unorthodox ideas involving the relationship between consciousness and science, and became known for writings on “the frontiers of science, energy and culture”. He lectured extensively on science and consciousness at the Findhorn Foundation, Esalen Institute and Unity Churches. In the mid-90s, he began writing about innovative energy technologies…and how these could transform the planet. In 2003, Dr. O’Leary co-founded the New Energy Movement non-profit project. Shortly after professional colleague Eugene Mallove was murdered in 2004, he and his wife relocated to Ecuador, where they founded Montesueños Eco-Retreat. Brian continued to travel and lecture on New Energy and planetary healing topics until his passing.

Dr. Tom Hansen

Dr. Tom Hansen
Dr. Hansen is a retired educator and technology expert who lives with his wife in Charlottesville, Virginia near the University of Virginia. As many know, Charlottesville was the home of Thomas Jefferson and UVA was founded by him. Tom’s interests and spirit are very much aligned with the legacy of Jefferson and revolve around realigning the US federal government with “founding principles” – truth, integrity, justice, freedom for all – while devolving greater power to local communities.

Tom strenously objects to the current and historic levels of US federal government secrecy – esp. vis the “military-industrial complex,” and corruption, including topics related to suppressed revolutionary energy & transportation technologies, ET topics and “false flag” events. He believes that an open and accountable government “Of, by and for the people” is fundamentally at odds with the “Secret Government” we’ve been stuck with during the post-WWII era.

Tom’s novel approach toward educating the public about such topics includes music that he composes and performs in the Charlottesville area.  The following three tracks are written and sung by him, the first two from his UFO Oil collection.

Green Machine

Constitution Blowin’ in the Wind

America, Give Us Your Dream

Joel GarbonJoel Garbon

Joel has made great contributions toward increased public awareness of the key importance of breakthrough energy and the historic unwarranted suppression of same. He was involved in helping establish the New Energy Movement, a non-profit initiative founded by Dr. Brian O’Leary and Alden Bryant and served as NEM’s President for about a decade. Along with Jeane Manning, Joel is the co-author of Breakthrough Power, which outlines the potential for Breakthrough Energy and transportation technology solutions.

Joel has given presentations at several Breakthrough Energy Movement conferences – including the inaugural BEM conference in Amsterdam in 2012 and their 2014 Boulder conference – and has also given several interviews on Coast to Coast radio, hosted by George Noory. He has also spoken at the disclosure theme Contact in the Desert conference and emceed an Architects of the New Paradigm conference.

Paul Von Wardpaul-von-ward

Paul Von Ward (who passed in 2017) was a former US State Department and US Navy officer who held a masters degree in Public Affairs from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. Paul was a highly active and influential independent scholar and researcher, philosopher and renaissance man. From his former website –

“An interdisciplinary cosmologist and independent scholar, Paul is internationally known for his hypotheses regarding AB (advanced beings) intervention in human development during ancient times, his theory of natural spirituality in a self-learning universe and research on survival of a ‘personal soul-genome’ via reincarnation.

Paul’s books on such topics include Children of a Living Universe, We’ve Never Been Alone and The Soul Genome. Paul’s academic background, his military, diplomatic and international executive career, and his research on five continents keep his provocative publications grounded in emerging science and human experience. He assumes that our universe is multi-dimensional and part of a living multiverse, ‘With an evolutionary imperative to self-actualize, its inherent processes require struggle, experimentation and adaptation.'”

David Yurth

There’s a saying about pioneers…you can spot them by the arrows in their back. That’s certainly true of David Yurth, who’s been a remarkable and determined pioneer, inventor, scientist and entrepreneur in the revolutionary energy field for decades. David has been both attacked and praised for his theoretical work involving torsion fields, a field historically led by Russian scientists. David is co-author of the noted academic paper, “The Y-Bias and Angularity Model of Fine-Scale Physical Interactions.” He’s also a humanitarian, convinced that the distribution of suppressed breakthrough energy technologies will dramatically improve life on Earth.

Now in his 7th decade, he remains extremely active in trying to get out several exceptional BE technologies. One such involves the Nova Neal Engine, a miraculous technology originally developed in the 1930s, that could provide off-grid power without purchased fuel or operating costs. David was interviewed about the Nova Neal technology in 2013. He’s also been interviewed by Lisa Harrison per his views regarding institutions and disruptive technology.

Ken RauenKen Rauen

Ken has contributed many important insights to the global breakthrough energy community and remains active as an inventor and change agent. Ken’s volunteer contributions have involved the Pure Energy Systems News reporting service and New Energy Systems Trust initiatives. Ken has also been on the New Energy Movement Board of Advisors.

This PESN page outlines Heat Engine technology Ken has been developing for years, now being taken forward in conjunction with AESOP Institute. Ken worked closely with the late Dr. Eugene Mallove, writing and reviewing articles for Infinite Energy magazine. Dr. Mallove, who was respected and admired for his advocacy of Cold Fusion (LENR) technology, resigned his position at MIT in protest of MIT’s misrepresentation of Cold Fusion results. Tragically, Dr. Mallove was murdered shortly thereafter, just before scheduled to give testimony to the US Congress regarding the transformative potential of Cold Fusion technology.

An article co-written by Ken, “The Ultraviolet Catastrophes of Quantum Mechanics,” was published in the August, 2014 issue of Infinite Energy magazine. We’re proud to have Ken onboard the New Energy Declaration campaign.

Jeane ManningJeane Manning, author of Breakthrough Power

Jeane has long been an influential author and networker in the Breakthrough Energy field.  She began chronicling the New Energy scene in the 1980s, using vacation time to interview scientists across North America and Europe.  Jeane has been closely associated with the New Energy Movement since its inception and was a speaker at the inaugural Breakthrough Energy Movement conference in Amsterdam in 2012. The emcee introducing her presentation by noting that Jeane has been “One of the pioneer ladies in this field, and there are not many.”

With Joel Garbon, Jeane authored Breakthrough Power, an award-winning book about humanity’s true energy and transportation sector options.  With Nick Begich, she is also the co-author of their seminal book, Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, which initially alerted the global public to major dangers related to “national secrecy classified” uses of HAARP technology (based upon work by Nikola Tesla) for “weather warfare” and to affect human emotions.  Many appreciate Jeane’s ability to convey the “Big Picture” of the New Energy landscape in a way normal people can relate to.  She says her pioneering contributions have been driven by her desire to see a better world for her own children and grandchildren, and everyone else in the human family.

Sacha StoneSacha Stone

Sacha, who is widely recognized as one of our world’s foremost “grassroots activism and leadership powerhouses,” has twice chaired expert panel discussions for the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference series, a pivotal initiative that’s helped lead our world toward a much-needed and long-delayed “free energy revolution.” He played those roles after stepping down as Director of the UN’s Global Renewable Energy Initiative.

In 1999, Sacha established the Humanitad project to serve as an umbrella organization advocating for the large-scale reinvention of our world’s primary media, educational, scientific, technology, governance and international relations sectors. Key Humanitad offshoot projects include the New Earth Nation cluster, the New Earth University and the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. Sacha likewise recently chaired the path-breaking Reclaim Your Lives and Line in the Sand projects exposing the global “COVID crimes” landscape.

As of 2021, Sacha is serving as Creative Director for an “Arise USA Resurrection” tour along with New Energy Declaration founding signatory Robert David Steele. Sacha’s personal website is, where you can find links to some of his recent enlightening conversations. Others can be found by searching online or visiting his Telegram channel.

Ellen Brown Ellen Brown, Public Banking Institute

Ellen Brown is an attorney, prolific author, public educator, independent journalist and activist extraordinaire. She is the founder of the Public Banking Institute, our world’s most important initiative per replacing the diseased global national central bank system with something far better, something that serves constructive vs. “Deep State” priorities. Ellen is the author of twelve books, including one widely recognized as the best book every written about the establishment of the US Fed and IRS and their subsequent cancerous growth, Web of Debt. Her recent book, The Public Bank Solution: From Austerity to Prosperity, explores successful public banking models throughout history, that can serve as models for urgently needed reform of our world’s primary monetary exchange systems. Many consider Ellen our world’s foremost thought leader on these pivotal topics.

Ellen also wrote Forbidden Medicine, about suppressed cancer cures, and is the author of ongoing research articles re: financial reform.  Her articles are published often by Global Research and other popular online news outlets. It’s an honor to have Ellen on board as a New Energy Declaration founding signatory.

Robert David Steele Robert David Steele

Robert David Steele is a former high-level CIA and Marine Corps officer now widely known as a prolific author, blogger, political reform activist and key thought leader of national and global importance. Robert has developed unique and powerful solutions for “A better world for all” and regularly posts hard-hitting updates and opinion pieces to his extremely popular website, which contains links to another half-dozen of his currently active websites.

Robert often does online video interviews with leading activists and thought leaders from around the world. His work is so pivotal and influential that Youtube recently deleted his channel! That’s been happening in recent years to some of the most important indy journalists and truth-tellers in our world. As a result, Robert now has this Bitchute channel.

Robert is our world’s most outstanding “Open Source” advocate and is author of The Open Source Everything Manifesto. Robert’s persistent advocacy of US electoral reform, government de-centralization and the implementation of NESARA and GESARA genre programs – to establish “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all, in America and across the world – has recently resulted in leading an project (for which Sacha Stone is the Creative Director).