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Thrive Movement – New Energy Declaration notes

I just sent a message to Foster Gamble, Producer-Director of the acclaimed documentary, Thrive, on New Energy Declaration topics. We have been in contact on “breakthrough energy” topics since 2008, when we were introduced by email by someone acquainted with Foster’s work.

At that time, my GVInstitute.org website had a large collection of online information related to Section 181 Invention Secrecy Act issues. This topic was centrally included in the Thrive documentary, which was released in late 2011, and is something now becoming better understood among the public.  However, awareness of the vast range of suppressed E&T technologies remains little-known and is contributing to ongoing social, economic and environmental meltdown.

If you’ve not yet watched the Thrive documentary, please visit their website and do so.  There are also a lot of great resources there re: getting involved.

Here’s an interested note I recently got about New Energy Declaration, from someone who’s compiled suppression case studies for the PESWiki.com project –

“Technology suppression has become a way of life for the big guys. One of the uses to which NSA has been applying its over-arching surveillance programs is to help the rich fat bastards who control the planet keep guys like us, who really solve problems (which they are mostly guilty of creating and exploiting by perpetuation) off the playing field.  The Internet may actually be the vehicle that will save us because it enables us to disclose information to almost everyone any time we choose.  It’s not governable and it’s not yet controllable, so we still have a window of opportunity to work with.  Your declaration must become a part of the process – declarations are useful and important because they give people a way to focus on specifics.  We’re so amped out by the endless stream of outrageous news coverage and advertising content that we’re going brain dead as a way to insulate ourselves from the relentless imposition of useless information on our awareness.”

Sad but true.  Please help spread the word about humanity’s true E&T alternatives.

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