Tom Bearden
Tom Bearden, Free Energy Pioneer

Tom Bearden was a brilliant man with what he called a “country boy’s” knack for being able to explain extremely complex scientific theories in simple language. He had an amazing balance of communication skills, humility, patience and knowledge of all major fields of human activity. Although Tom passed away several years ago, his website …continue

Emery Smith on Free Energy Suppression
Emery Smith on Free Energy Suppression

There is now fast-growing awareness among leading edge segments of the population – in the US and internationally – regarding the fact that there have been multiple huge “secret space programs” siphoning enormous material and human resources away from many pressing needs to improve the quality-of-life on Earth for average folk and deal with our …continue

Trump declassification EO
Mission Accomplished?

In March of 2017, Dr. Michael Salla published to his widely-recognized website an article titled, Secret Presidential Memorandum Issued to Declassify Anti-aging & Free Energy Technologies. This most encouraging report involves information ET topic whistle-blower Corey Goode gave to Dr. Salla, indicating that a recently-retired high-level USAF “secret space program” commander (“Sigmund”) told him …continue

Full Disclosure Project
The Full Disclosure Project

Getting the “Breakthrough E&Ts” into mass distribution – the long-suppressed Energy & Transportation technologies needed to create Shared Abundance vs. Shared Scarcity and Perpetual War – remains Job #1 on the planetary Golden Age agenda, even if the matter remains unacknowledged by the general population. We understand that enlightened change always begins with small grassroots …continue

Nassim Haramein vector equilibrium
Free Energy Now Allowed

There is general understanding that “free energy” in the form of solar or wind power “is allowed,” because both technologies are fully explained by conventional science. Zero Point Energy (ZPE) technologies – aka: Virtual Photon Flux – however, are “not allowed,” because conventional science and engineering has not embraced a formal explanation how they operate. …continue

The New Physics and Free Energy

The Vector Equilibrium is the zero starting point for all happenings or non-happenings. It is the empty theater and empty circus and empty Universe, ready to accommodate any act and any audience” – Buckminster Fuller At the end of Albert Einstein’s life, he was dedicated to developing a Grand Unified Theory (GUT) to unite unreconciled …continue

Joel Garbon on George Noory
Joel Garbon on Coast to Coast

New Energy Declaration Founding Signatory Joel Garbon was interviewed by George Noory on the popular late-night Coast to Coast radio program in May of 2016 and, as usual, did a fantastic job as spokesperson for the global “New Energy movement.” We have sometimes privately joked that Joel is “the Mr. Rogers” of our band of …continue

Gasoline Prices and Poverty
Corrupt: The Global Oil Sector

“Fracking” is but the latest insult to all that is decent by the indecently corrupt global Big Oil sector. From the days of robber baron JD Rockefeller until today, the history of the global oil sector has been…government corruption, oil wars, environmental destruction, predatory practices and artificially induced mass human poverty and resource competition. The …continue

Catherine Austin Fitts breakthrough energy
Breakthrough Energy vs. the NWO

This weekend, I listened to an interview by Catherine Austin Fitts of my friend, “New Energy colleague” and New Energy Declaration Founding Signatory, Joel Garbon. Catherine is an amazing individual who, confronted with high-level government corruption during her term as a senior HUD executive in the Bush 1 administration, took the road-less-travelled, becoming a courageous …continue

The Federation of American Scientists and National Security Secrecy

The following message was just sent by James Wallerstedt, New Energy Declaration founder, to the Federation of American Scientists, an important professional organization of scientists and engineers providing key services to our nation’s Military-Industrial Complex thruout the post-WWII period. FAS was originally known as “The Federation of Atomic Scientists,” founded by scientists who constructed the …continue

“Smart Meters” and Government Corruption

I highly recommend the block-buster documentary expose on the global “Smart Grid” program, Take Back Your Power.  Director-Producer Josh del Sol has done an amazing job getting the word out re: what’s really involved with this agenda.  Think, “more government surveillance,” “escalating micro-billing, “energy rationing,” and “new international carbon taxes.”  Oh, plus the ability to …continue

US Black Budget Fraud

I recommend watching a superb presentation by Catherine Austin Fitts about the huge US and international “black budget economy,” which was given at a conference last year on “secret space program” topics.  Her presentation was titled The Black Budget: What Does it Mean to the US Federal Budget, the Economy and You? Catherine was a …continue

Fracking and Water Shortages

Here’s a taste of the insanity and harm to Mother Earth being occasioned by keeping clean, safe, revolutionary best-of-breed energy technologies under wraps.  We’ve all heard of “Fracking” for oil.  It’s as obscene as it sounds, destroying ground water supplies, polluting them permanent with highly toxic chemicals.  And, all in a mad scramble for expensive, …continue

The Free Energy Grinch Strikes Again

Last month, published an account of a company with an amazing hydrogen production technology (Solar Hydrogen Trends). They evidently are legit, and have a way-over-unity approach that produces huge volumes of hydrogen vis a vis energy inputs. They were approached by individuals who apparently associate with the “Security Group” instituted by the US 1951 …continue

The Needed “Population Control” Alternative

Just watch the first 10-15 minutes of the following interview between New Energy Declaration Founding Signatory, Sacha Stone and Kevin Galalea, if you have any doubt whether or not there’s really a covert “depopulation agenda” that’s been in operation. It’s sad, but it’s worth knowing about and, most definitely, it ties into the troubling Monsanto …continue

The Pressing Need to Reinvent Life on Earth

Another of my voluntary non-profit projects goes by the name of “Reinventing America.”  Yesterday, I shot a video on the topic of a proposed new “International Service Corps,” “Global Commons Action Plan,” and US domestic campaign for dramatically rebuiding infrastructure, etc.  No such bold proposals – details below, in the text I posted to youtube …continue

“Smart Meters” Interview w/ Josh del Sol

This week, Sterling Allen interviewed Josh del Sol.  Josh is the producer-director of a must-see documentary on the bogus, criminal, so-called “smart meter” “smart grid” agenda … which our world’s main international sociopathic Usual Suspects Network is rolling out on a largely clueless and sleepy public (on the taxpayer’s dime, as usual; hold on for …continue

The Contrived Renewable Energy Debate

Just sent the following to an individual I’ve been in contact with for years, who has a large international following. I’m wanting to convince him to become a New Energy Declaration “Founding Signatory” – It’s extremely difficult to get attention for the Breakthrough Energy topic because the global money system remains controlled by the usual …continue

We the People vs. Our Own Government?

In communicating with one of the “Founding Signatories” of the New Energy Declaration, last year, this is something he said by email. My own decades of research into these topics confirms the gist of what he’s saying. The New Energy Declaration is an important grassroots initiative, folks. It’s time to reset moral foundations – “Technology …continue

“Free Energy Now,” Agree and Disagree

I’ve been reading Sterling Allen’s reporting on “Free Energy” topics for years and recommending his work to others.  I’ve also encouraged others to donate to support his activities and have made modest donations, myself. His reporting has been vitally important in spreading awareness of the BE (Breakthrough Energy) topics. Last summer, I made an …continue

Global Warming Debate
Another One Bites the Dust

A few weeks ago, Sterling Allen interviewed a guy named Ed Grimm, who has a lot of experience working with hydrogen technologies and was formerly a NASA mechanic and engineer.  The interview clip appears below. Ed mentions that he and others were working on an engine prototype he developed that was “brutally simple,” and runs …continue

Joe Cell suppression
Genius and Abundance vs. Planet of the Apes

During the past eight years, I’ve been reading a private-circulation message series, involving a project based around “reincarnation research and education.” During this period, I’ve read about 26,000 pages of project transcripts.  In the process, I’ve become convinced that reincarnation’s for real and have developed insights re: identifying reincarnation examples. Regardless of your beliefs on …continue

Good News, Bad News

This morning, trolling “New Energy News” at Sterling Allen’s website, I ran across and listened to half of an interview Sterling just did with someone named Joshua Vojtisek, who’s launching an initiative he calls New Energy Industry.  I also spent a half-hour reviewing materials at their website.  A term they’re using repeatedly is “magrav …continue

Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change
New Energy Background Transcript

In the summer of 2013, I created an audio backgrounder to introduce the New Energy Declaration concepts. The audio quality was poor, but here’s the transcript.  JW “For many different reasons – associated with the decay of our economy, ongoing in the United States, and in Europe and elsewhere and the decay of the integrity …continue

Greenhouse Gases Carbon Taxes
Smart Meters – Told ya So

Alex Jones’ website published an excellent article on Sept. 30, on the so-called global “Smart Meters” agenda, Power Takeover: What’s Wrong with ‘Smart’ Meters?  It’s a superb article.  Will include excerpts, below. I get to do a little victory dance and might add a dash of tequila to my orange juice this morning, because …continue

The Real Global Warming Story

Here’s a screenshot of a website which was online from 2006 until 2013 which, for many years, had the internet’s largest collection of Section 181 materials; information about the suppression of breakthrough Energy & Transportation technologies via the clandestine (“classified”) application of Section 181, Title 35 of the 1951 US Invention Secrecy Act. I created …continue

Thrive Movement – New Energy Declaration notes

I just sent a message to Foster Gamble, Producer-Director of the acclaimed documentary, Thrive, on New Energy Declaration topics. We have been in contact on “breakthrough energy” topics since 2008, when we were introduced by email by someone acquainted with Foster’s work. At that time, my website had a large collection of online information …continue

Awakening Average Folk to Inconvenient Truths

I’m having fun these days, living in a beautiful seaside location in Baja California, near Cabo San Lucas.  I’ve been fortunate to meet some truly wonderful people in the neighborhood here, including “Jack.” Jack and his wife have a beautiful home on a secluded section of beach.  But, Jack is also a worldly type.  A …continue