The Free Energy Grinch Strikes Again

Last month, published an account of a company with an amazing hydrogen production technology (Solar Hydrogen Trends). They evidently are legit, and have a way-over-unity approach that produces huge volumes of hydrogen vis a vis energy inputs. They were approached by individuals who apparently associate with the “Security Group” instituted by the US 1951 Invention Secrecy Act and told that getting their technology out would “crash the markets.” It is thus, now, effectively impounded.

At some point after 1971 – when the US dollar went off the gold standard – the USPTO Security Group increasingly began relying on a “crash the markets” story for impounding clean breakthrough energy and transportation technologies, for two reasons. First, the intent of the 1951 act – to prevent dissemination of technologies with major weapons implications – clearly didn’t apply to many technologies that, nonetheless, the combined industry-government Security Group membership wished to prevent from open distribution. Secondly, with oil versus gold now the (undisclosed, official) backing for the “world’s reserve currency,” the argument could be made that anything that might “disrupt the markets” was a “national security risk.”

To say that this logic has been abused is a huge understatement. The US and global public has suffered an “opportunity cost” – via not having the great liberating benefits of the hundreds of “clean revolutionary free energy” technologies that have been impounded over the decades – so enormous that it would be impossible to associate with it any meaningful “compensatory damage” or “restorative justice” figures.

If we go all the way back to JD Rockefeller and JP Morgan v. Nikola Tesla, we see that standard greed factors were responsible for preventing the entry of revolutionary energy technologies. Ever since, the excuses for the lock-downs have morphed yet the basic dynamic has remained the same. With the “breakthrough energy” technologies out, we’d have a much more egalitarian world and a greatly reduced ability to centralize economic and political power. This is true because energy remains the largest sector of the global economy and is tied closely to average quality of human life.

It’s understand that the New Energy Declaration campaign must run at least 5-10 years to amount to much, since it involves the proposition to seriously reinvent our forms of self-governance and disassemble much government corruption, and abusive and excessive secrecy that’s developed. Here are some excerpts re: this latest apparent “clandestine government impoundment” of needed breakthrough energy technology. Don’t expect to see any related mainstream media coverage.

In terms of the sciences involved apparently violating the “Law of Conservation of Energy,” that is addressed by many other websites, books, articles and documentaries. Extremely high over-unity energy effects can be produced by any technology that effectively taps into the ever-present background ZPE/VPF field and many technologies have accomplished that.

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Spreading this technology worldwide at this stage will be irresponsible, because it has the potential to crash the world markets. There will be great irreparable damage done to the current energy structures and systems. It is our duty to bring maximum benefit to USA and to its national security without hurting the world economy. We prefer an evolutionary development and implementation of our technology rather than a revolutionary and drastic change in energy supplies.

This is the most unparalleled cutting edge technology developed in the history of mankind and should be treated as a national treasure. If it is allowed to end up in the hands of the rivals of the USA they will gain superiority in the military industrial capabilities which will be a threat to national security and economy. The US government can leverage this technology to pull itself from under this burdensome debt of 20 trillion dollars in a very short period of time.

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In my opinion if we ally and work with the United States government and its armed forces, the safety of our personnel and our technology will be better protected. The possibility of a Gag Order is there regardless if we work with the military or not. As you have mentioned it yourself, these days, the government can get what it wants with legal and illegal means. The way that I see our technology being leveraged by United States is by creating so-called “Energy Bases” in the territories where USA has military naval and air bases. United States can significantly reduce energy costs for the armed forces by switching to hydrogen fuel supplied by our reactors.

In addition, hundreds of countries can solve their energy shortages by purchasing their electricity and hydrogen fuel from the US “Energy Bases” near their borders or on their territory. The economic viability of such a strategy I leave to the US government to research and evaluate. In my opinion it is in the interests of our government to transform the military bases from revenue spending sites to revenue generating “Energy Bases”, thereby relieving the burden on the taxpayer.

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