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Tom Bearden
Tom Bearden, Free Energy Pioneer

Tom Bearden was a brilliant man with what he called a “country boy’s” knack for being able to explain extremely complex scientific theories in simple language. He had an amazing balance of communication skills, humility, patience and knowledge of all major fields of human activity.

Although Tom passed away several years ago, his website remains online. One of many impressive items posted there is this Table of Contents from Tom’s previously unpublished book, Matters Arising.

As is often true of those who hold the greatest potential for human and planetary liberation, if you put Tom’s name into google, what you’ll get back  most prominently are paid disinformation “editorials” emphasizing that term usually used to discount whatever it is that the controller class (aka: “Cabal,” “Deep State”) don’t want the wee folk to know about. Yup, “conspiracy theory,”  and here’s a prime example –

“Bearden believes that governments and secret organisations control various secret technologies without the knowledge of the common people. Among these technologies are perpetual motion devices which he believes were made possible by Maxwell’s Theories (which have been altered and curtailed to suppress the information). Bearden contends later interpretations and vectorisations by Heaviside and Lorentz were suppressed by the banker JP Morgan.”

Just a little problem with that hit piece. Turns out the whole previously dumbed-down world of academic physics is waking up to the fact that every atom in the universe, not to mention every planet and star, is a “perpetual motion device” drawing “free energy from the vacuum.” Oops.

Tom was an amazing font of knowledge which you get a feel for watching this interview he gave for Dr. Steven Greer’s Sirius project in 2012.

2012 testimony by Dr. Tom Bearden for the CSETI project of Dr. Steven Greer.

Some notes from the first 20 minutes of the interview  –

Tom mentions Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe free energy power plant and the first-person testimony of Tesla’s nephew per riding in an automobile Tesla converted to “free energy.” Its internal combustion motor was replaced by an electric motor which Tesla powered via electricity transmitted from the Wardenclyffe tower. Tom also mentions the 50 kilowatt “free energy generator” T. Henry Moray built in the 1930s – housed in a 50 pound box – and several other proven revolutionary energy devices that disappeared.

Regarding suppression, Tom says, “Today we don’t so much have big kingdoms…we’ve got big cartels that are inter-locking corporations and, behind this, we’ve got a few people who are quite wealthy and own most things. Now, the fundamental nature of the beast for that empire – let’s call it an empire, it’s a corporate empire, it’s basically a cartel – anytime we have a powerful cartel and set of people that control a lot of things, that resists any means of changing its inflow of control and its inflow of funds, money and power. You know, everybody’s trying to be the big monkey. It’s really as simple as that. The more powerful the agency – the group, the cartel – the more they will resort not only to legal means but also to extra-legal means to the competition. And, we have giant economic cartels in energy. So, yes, in my view, there is a very active suppression effort by those kinds of folks.”

Tom says, “Energy’s free from the vaccuum for the taking. We just have to learn how to use it.”

“We go around building things that insist on having this three-dimensional exchange of energy, we’ve got to put it in to get whatever we get out and lose some in the middle, so we’ve got a terrible situation all the way. It’s called entropic engineering. Never go over unity. Forget it. Lose a lot. We talk about efficiencies for a power system at 30%…and all that stuff.”

“But, nature doesn’t require you to do that. All you have to do is break a little bit of this three-dimensional symmetry…once you break the flow in three dimensions, you no longer have to conserve the energy in three dimensions, the basic “conservation of energy” is an inflow from four dimensions and an outflow in three dimensions. And, that one is free. Giant neg-entropy is free [ie: “revolutionary free energy”]. Nature will start reorganizing a goodly percentage of the whole “vaccum” for you…and will continue it as long as you leave the dipole alone. The original charges in dipoles in the original matter of the Universe have been putting out energy for 15 billion years.”

“Today, we’re saying we can’t engineer neg-entropy [ie: revolutionary free energy and “perpetual motion machines” that imitate Nature] when neg-entropy is the easiest thing in the universe to engineer, whereas the entropy’s the hard way to do it! And, that’s the way we all do it. The bottom line of all this is that if we initiate the negative entropy and let it go, it’s just like you punched a hole in the ground and you’ve got a big gusher of oil. You don’t have to furnish the pressure and you don’t have to furnish the oil…and the common dipole in every electrical circuit pours out energy in that fashion.”

Emery Smith on Free Energy Suppression
Emery Smith on Free Energy Suppression

There is now fast-growing awareness among leading edge segments of the population – in the US and internationally – regarding the fact that there have been multiple huge “secret space programs” siphoning enormous material and human resources away from many pressing needs to improve the quality-of-life on Earth for average folk and deal with our world’s most pressing environmental and “shared scarcity” problems, dating back to the 1950s.

Dr. Michael Salla of fame is probably our world’s most authoritative source  and prolific author re: all things relating to “ET coverups” and associated history. He has made a convincing case that Pres. Eisenhower met with a group of “benevolent, humanoid ETs” at Edwards AFB in 1954, his committee rejecting their offer to end human poverty and disease in exchange for the US leading a global disarmament campaign. According to Dr. Salla’s documented research, this led to a subsequent proposal from “the other team” (ie: “bad ETs”) that was solidified via a 1955 Holloman AFB meeting between Eisenhower and a different off-planet group, involving “limited human abductions in exchange for high tech, no questions asked.”

Amazing and incredible as the foregoing sounds, a tremendous amount of evidence has emerged during the past decade plus, indicating that it’s factual history. Fast-forward to today, amazing whistle-blowers are finally emerging from the bowels of various deep-cover secret space programs which metastasized over the past 60+ years, the results of unwise (and unconstitutional) decisions of the Eisenhower era regarding ET and world affairs.

This as intro, here are three excellent clips touching on the brutal, systematic and unacknowledged historic suppression of “revolutionary free energy devices” – esp. for the transportation sector, also, off-grid power – which Emery Smith has experienced first-hand as a former secret space program employee and as an entrepreneur who has survived various assassination attempts caused by his intention to distribute an amazing revolutionary free energy device in his possession (Al Gore and “CO2 AGW 5G Smart Grid” fans, take note).

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Trump declassification EO
Mission Accomplished?

In March of 2017, Dr. Michael Salla published to his widely-recognized website an article titled, Secret Presidential Memorandum Issued to Declassify Anti-aging & Free Energy Technologies.

This most encouraging report involves information ET topic whistle-blower Corey Goode gave to Dr. Salla, indicating that a recently-retired high-level USAF “secret space program” commander (“Sigmund”) told him that Pres. Trump sign a classified EO during his first month in office, mandating the release into distribution technologies involving over 1000 cases of impounded devices and related patents; by order of the Pentagon or one of the major US “intelligence” agencies via Section 181, Title 35 of the 1951 Invention Secrecy Act. This will almost certainly centrally include long suppressed “breakthrough energy technologies” that our world desperately needs to address acute, long-festering environmental and social problems.

The following graph shows the total S181 secret (“classified”) lock-down portfolio as of 2016 according to USPTO (US Patent & Trade Office) reporting, though these numbers do not reflect many other devices and technologies taken off-market via private sector (esp. “Big Oil”) black-shelving buyout or sabotage.

FAS Invention Secrecy

Dr. Salla reports, “Goode was told about Trump issuing a Presidential Memorandum to declassify over 1000 patents from a pool of over 5000. Most of the 1000 patents deal with anti-aging and health technologies, yet some deal with material science and biochemistry and a few involve free energy inventions. These technologies are widely used in a number of secret space programs, and the patents dealing with these have been repressed under national security orders.

Given that the central and most important goal of this New Energy Declaration project has been to get a sitting US President to issue just such an Executive Order, does it mean we should pop the champagne corks and go home? Well, not quite yet.

Dr. Salla adds, “Goode learned that the Pentagon and Intelligence agencies told Trump it would take 10 years to release them, but Trump told them to get it done within two to three years.”

With history as our guide, we know those 10 years will soon become “20 to 30,” and anything the CIA and its secret society associates end up voluntarily releasing will be nothing like what was intended or is needed. So, public awareness, pressure and grassroots leadership across the international landscape remains vitally needed on the topic of the long suppressed breakthrough E&T technologies front.

Our world cannot afford to be needlessly trapped into yet another long-term planned “shared scarcity” scenario, this next one involving a draconian combination of 5G, “Smart Grids,” “Smart Meters,” and “carbon footprint” taxes and controls. Instead, we need and deserve shared abundance, shared health, peace and sanity.

Sign the New Energy Declaration and help spread the word!

Full Disclosure Project
The Full Disclosure Project

Getting the “Breakthrough E&Ts” into mass distribution – the long-suppressed Energy & Transportation technologies needed to create Shared Abundance vs. Shared Scarcity and Perpetual War – remains Job #1 on the planetary Golden Age agenda, even if the matter remains unacknowledged by the general population.

We understand that enlightened change always begins with small grassroots movements then grows organically. Some major Good News on this front involves the recent founding of the Full Disclosure Project.

Ever heard of Corey Goode or David Wilcock?

Wilcock is the best-selling author of “The Synchronicity Key” and “The Ascension Mysteries,” who has a weekly Gaia TV program. Corey Goode was inducted into a secret space program operated by the US government and “Military-Industrial Complex” as a teenager. These were “highly classified” programs which had grown out of post-Roswell developments. As documented by many researchers and whistle-blowers, such included the successful reverse-engineering of breakthrough E&T technologies by the late 1950s, including anti-gravity craft and ZPE power generators.

During the past year, David Wilcock and Corey Goode have had a fascinating conversation about Corey’s history and little-known vitally important public issues, which you can review at the Sphere Being Alliance website.

As the New Energy Declaration project has emphasized, the general public of our world has received zero benefit from the long-sequestered Shared Abundance E&T Technologies, many of which originally were financed by taxpayer funds routed through black budget projects. The Disclosure Project addressed this topic way back in 2001. The New Energy Movement, Breakthrough Energy Movement and Thrive projects have all provided supporting evidence.

It’s past time to end this absurd long-running undeclared Truth and Progress Embargo!

Here’s an excerpt from the Full Disclosure Project’s website. Consider becoming involved with and helping support their initiative.


  1. Make the mainstream public aware of the strong evidence that highly advanced technologies are currently being suppressed.
  2. Work to release this technology fully, freely, and immediately.
  3. Seek a Full Disclosure of all “unacknowledged programs.”

Wealth inequality today has never been greater as the wealthiest 62 people on our planet are worth more than HALF of the world’s population combined. The answer to global peace and prosperity lies NOT in giving paper money to the underprivileged as that only provides a temporary stopgap before they are disadvantaged once again. The answer lies in releasing the highly advanced technology that governments have been sequestering. This will guarantee not only basic survival, but a truly prosperous long-term future for EVERYONE on this planet.

For millennia, a genuine scarcity of resources caused local and world wars, costing millions of lives. The great irony of our modern times is that the masses believe this scarcity still exists yet the reality is that we now live in a world with technology that can create abundance for ALL. As such, the only issue remaining is bringing about the transparency of information necessary to free these technologies up for widespread manufacture and distribution.

The Full Disclosure Project’s goal is to support the release of this technology so that humanity as a whole can prosper peacefully and equally. We will be starting an advertising campaign that is being developed with the mainstream population as our target audience. We are creating collaborative efforts between various individuals who will be producing and distributing media projects on this subject line, including Documentaries, Feature Films, Shorts, Animated Films, Commercials, Music and Print.


Nassim Haramein vector equilibrium
Free Energy Now Allowed

There is general understanding that “free energy” in the form of solar or wind power “is allowed,” because both technologies are fully explained by conventional science.

Zero Point Energy (ZPE) technologies – aka: Virtual Photon Flux – however, are “not allowed,” because conventional science and engineering has not embraced a formal explanation how they operate. Perhaps we should qualify that by saying that scientists in the “open non-black budget sector world” are not agreed on how ZPE technologies operate, as there is evidence that secretized military-industrial “breakaway civilization” elements have been operating ZPE technologies for energy and transportation uses for decades.

Individuals in the “Breakthrough Energy movement” who’ve provided theoretical background for how ZPE genre technologies work include Dr. Tom Bearden and Nassim Haramein.

Nassim’s work is currently taking the world of academic physics by storm, in the US and internationally. His theories center around “the Vector Equilibrium,” and frameworks of resonance and fractal geometry. Nassim is being given credit for taking Albert Einstein’s work to the next level, resolving the main outstanding conflicts and unanswered questions.

Nassim’s work also has now provided the world of academic physics – thus, the engineering disciplines of tomorrow – with a plausible explanation how exotic ZPE-VPF technologies produce virtually limitless energy from “the quantum plenum.”

Here’s the trailer for a new film about Nassim’s theories and life’s work.

The New Physics and Free Energy

The Vector Equilibrium is the zero starting point for all happenings or non-happenings. It is the empty theater and empty circus and empty Universe, ready to accommodate any act and any audience” Buckminster Fuller

At the end of Albert Einstein’s life, he was dedicated to developing a Grand Unified Theory (GUT) to unite unreconciled aspects of the Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity space-time models. The forces of gravitation and of electromagnetism were never theoretically unified by Einstein’s work, and this lack of comprehensive understanding and integration has persisted until today.

Albert Einstein Nassim HarameinMainstream academic physics (MAP) attempts to pretend not to notice the Elephant in the Living Room in the form of the Instantaneous, Miraculous and Unexplained Appearance of all Energy and Matter in Cosmos  – ie: the Big Bang – yet insists that all Energy subsequently be “conserved,” according to what are sometimes very artificially restricted conditions which, for example, ignore mounting evidence of the multi-dimensional “open systems” nature of our world.

Unresolved problems connected to Einstein’s acceptance of Black Holes at the large-scale cosmic level include the fact that there has no explanation regarding the fate of Energy and Matter once absorbed by any theoretical Black Hole.

Yet, the preceding is just a warmup for the Serious Denial Problems mainstream physics has suffered from, all the many years since Einstein’s theories were accepted.

MAP has tried to explain away the undeniable Perpetual Motion characteristics of all stars, planets and atoms by different proposals, all of which have fallen flat on their face.

Stars and planets are said to remain in Perpetual Motion due to energy imparted by the miraculous unexplained Divine Event known as the Big Bang, coupled with “lack of friction” in Cosmos ever since. This theory is patently false and has been proven so by the world of astrophysics, yet nothing has so far been proposed to replace it.Planets and perpetual motion

The fact that all electrons in all atoms remain in constant motion was theorized to be the result of absorbing heat energy from the environment. This theory was completely disproven when it became possible to lower substances to “absolute zero” then observe them under scanning electron microscopes. This demonstrated that electrons remain in Perpetual Motion, though no heat energy or other obvious energy source is present.

The response of mainstream academic physics to the aforementioned huge omissions to their discipline’s underpinnings has been one akin to backing the Vatican into the corner. Academic physics simply has threatened to burn at the stake (“there went your tenure and grant prospects“) any who insist on talking about phenomena all around us proving that  Perpetual Motion and Revolutionary Free Energy are FUNDAMENTAL IN NATURE and ubiquitous…and unexplained by any of their theories.

Want to continue talking about that? If so, better not be lined up for a National Science Foundation grant. Better get an insurance policy on your new grant to study “global warming” or “hot fusion.”

Einstein’s equations predicted the “infinite curvature of space-time” also known as Black Holes. This was a radical concept in his day and few believed these exotic objects would ever be found. Today, nonetheless, it’s accepted by mainstream academic physics that Black Holes exist at least at the center of every Galaxy.

By current mainstream theory, Black Holes are explained as “collapsed stars” that create gravitational wells in the space-time fabric, having “infinite curvature.” Such is theorized to produce a “zero volume with infinite density” phenomenon known as “singularity.” In a singularity, all normal laws of physics are go out the window. As with the Perpetual Motion Elephant in the Living Room, MAP calmly explains that the laws of physics going out the window in this case is no biggies, since “space-time no longer exists.”

Uh huh.

Black Holes Nassim HarameinEinstein was famous for saying, “God does not play dice,” an expression of his dismay at being unable to reconcile the strange theories accepted by academic physics regarding quantum mechanics, including the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Also, the basis for nuclear “strong” and “weak” forces lack any theoretical origin.

Nassim Haramein has taken the next major step by being the first person to create a comprehensive GUT since Einstein’s passing. In Nassim’s still relatively unknown work, Black Holes are recognized as intrinsic to the structure of the universe. They are no longer understood as being “collapsed stars” but, rather, as “energy and information sinks” existing at the heart of all matter. According to Nassim’s theories, “at the heart of all matter,” literally means that every atom has a “Black Hole” at its center!

These new theories fundamentally address the Fractal and Holographic nature of our Universe. Nassim commonly uses the term “Vector Equilibrium,” a term originally coined by Buckminster Fuller. The new theories rely on the topology of the Torus, a geometric form which many advanced sources of insight say is a fundamental geometry in Nature.

In Nassim’s new theories, the Black Hole conundrums are solved while the large-scale gravitational and small-scale Quantum Mechanics world are also reconciled, the forces of electromagnetism and gravitation now explained within the same framework.

The geometry of both Black Holes and Big Bangs – note the plural – are explained via the dynamics of the double Torus. As Energy – Nassim often uses the word “Information” as a shorthand for that which underlies both Energy and Matter, mystics will recognize that what’s being referred to is also known as Consciousness – funnels toward the center of the Torus geometry, it spirals faster and faster, like flushing water down a toilet. That centrifugal force ultimately results in reversal of the Implosion dynamic, creating a Big Bang at an “event horizon” tipping point.

Gravitational forces are produced by the Black Hole dynamics. Electromagnetism is created by Big Bang dynamics. Both are part of the same “living fractal geometry.”atomic perpetual motion

Nassim’s revolutionary new model – which, gradually, will be recognized as the elegant Grand Unified Theory the world of science has heretofore been without – explains all physical objects, from atoms to stars and galaxies, as instances of the ubiquitous Torus structure. It might be said that each Torus is “A White Whole with a Black Hole at its center,” which exists somewhat like the still eye at the center of a hurricane. At this Implosion-based center point, all (gravitational and electromagnetic) force is in balance, creating the appearance of “vacuum” conditions, while centering the surrounding system on an axis of rotation.

MAP acknowledges that Black Holes represent “Infinite Energy potential.” At the same time, it insists there be “no Free Lunch in the form of Revolutionary Free Energy,” directly conflicting the universal observed phenomenon of Perpetual Motion (fueled by “theoretically unexplained Revolutionary Free Energy”).

Singularities are “non-local” and “Infinite,” thus no Black Hole can be defined as existing at a specific Space-Time coordinate. Mainstream physics – having acknowledge Black Holes as singularities – is thus pushed into yet another uncomfortable frontier by the fact that Black Holes thus are “infinite and EVERYWHERE.” Mystics, however, will rejoice, as this means that although any given Black Hole systems – whether atoms, planets, cells, stars – may appear to be separated by light years, “behind their Event Horizons,” they are actually One.

revolutionary free energyNassim’s theories demonstrate how what MAP has referred to as the Quantum Vacuum – the mysterious world of Dark Matter, recognized to constitute more than 99.99% of space – can have “Infinite Energy” while being fundamental to the fractal geometry that creates differentiated form. This relates to what the Vector Equilibrium, which is now seen to fulfill Buckminster Fuller’s mystical statements. The new theories describe a fractal geometry based upon a 64-tetrahedral vector matrix, creating a recursive Vector Equilibrium in harmonically repeating intervals. Whether at the infinitely large or microscopic scale, the underlying Matrix remains in equilibrium.

The “Zero volume with Infinite Energy” characterization of the Black Hole / Big Bang duo is expressed mathematically in Nassim’s theories as a geometric fractal structuring space-time – corresponding to frequencies and dimensions often referred to in mystical literature – following Golden Mean ratios.

Our world, as described by these new Architecture of Nature revelations, can be seen as involving a “Continuously returning fractal geometry creating ‘Infinite Energy’ while organizing Energy and Matter into harmonic rotating Torus systems, which appear as galaxies, stars, planets, atoms, etc.”

Viva Perpetual Motion!

Viva Revolutionary Free Energy!

Sign the New Energy Declaration!

Joel Garbon on George Noory
Joel Garbon on Coast to Coast

New Energy Declaration Founding Signatory Joel Garbon was interviewed by George Noory on the popular late-night Coast to Coast radio program in May of 2016 and, as usual, did a fantastic job as spokesperson for the global “New Energy movement.”

We have sometimes privately joked that Joel is “the Mr. Rogers” of our band of good-hearted volunteers trying to help bring liberating Energy & Transportation technologies out, because he has a way of explaining things and approaching topics that – while sophisticated and accurate – has heavy doses of “the spiritual side of things.” Joel does a good job of explaining the positions of some of the darker heavy-handed suppression elements, as associated with their levels of “separation consciousness,” fear and hoarding instincts.

While the New Energy Declaration has somewhat a different spirit, we recognize that Joel’s approach is an extremely valuable and needed form of leadership, one that tends to bring people together around the cause versus intimidating them. Happily, Joel also supports the New Energy Declaration principles and is one of our Founding Signatories. We are all working toward the same end goals.

Listen to this excellent one-hour interview Joel gave Coast to Coast in May, 2016.

Gasoline Prices and Poverty
Corrupt: The Global Oil Sector

“Fracking” is but the latest insult to all that is decent by the indecently corrupt global Big Oil sector. From the days of robber baron JD Rockefeller until today, the history of the global oil sector has been…government corruption, oil wars, environmental destruction, predatory practices and artificially induced mass human poverty and resource competition.

The whole theme of the New Energy Declaration is that it’s way past time for all this to stop.

Especially, those sworn to “Defend and protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” have a long overdue duty to address the flagrant violations of US founding principles involved in “national security” secrecy abuses associated with the lockdown of desperately needed clean revolutionary energy and transportation technologies, associated with the CIA’s historic and ongoing abuse of Section 181, Title 35 of the 1951 Invention Secrecy Act.

Rocking the boat re: possibly “upsetting markets” or the “geopolitical balance of power” are NOT valid reasons to clandestinely keep these desperately needed E&T technologies under lock and key – as has been the case for decades – while our world melts down amid serious global environmental and “shared scarcity” tensions. And, while trillions in US taxpayer funds continue flowing to unconstitutional “black budget” projects using these very technologies that the public should have been benefiting from since long ago.

This article in the LA Times covers protests in Mexico against gasoline hikes there last week. Already paying more per gallon than in the US – on wages less than 1/3rd those in the United States – the entire Mexican population is being hit up by their own wing of the corrupt global Big Oil franchise (Pemex et al) to raise more government funds, while net wealth should be flowing in the opposite direction. The same story can be told in nation after nation across the planet.

It’s long past time for this madness to end!

Sign the New Energy Declaration, circulate it among family, friends, major media and others. Call your senator. Call the White House. Make your voice heard. We want Truth & Reconciliation. And, we want and need Restorative Justice funds for a New Energy plank to a Global Renaissance Plan.

Foster Gamble Thrive Breakthrough Energy
Foster Gamble Thrive 2013 Breakthrough Energy Presentation

Foster Gamble – who, with his wife Kimberly – manages the Thrive Movement project, has provided extraordinary leadership and assistance to the overall New Energy or Breakthrough Energy field for over a decade.

The Thrive documentary – which can be watched free via Thrive’s website – has been seen by over 50 million people. Thrive’s goal is to spark discussion, activism and leadership involving wholistic solutions to the greatest challenges of our world, toward creating a world of greater health, justice and “shared abundance” for all. They’ve divided their project into 12 major sectors, represented by the graphic below.Thrive Movement sectors

Below, there’s a link to an excellent presentation Foster gave at a 2013 Breakthrough Energy Movement conference. I’ve outlined its segments. Watching just the highlighted segments provides an excellent introduction to the history, suppression and potential of the Breakthrough Energy solutions and involves just a tad over 20 minutes.

First, some related historic background. Most do not know that the CIA, as a matter of undisclosed official policy, has been covering up key information – and spreading related disinformation – both on the ET and “revolutionary free energy” topics since its inception.

It is now understood among researchers – look up Michael Salla and Richard Dolan’s reports on this – that Harry Truman authorized a highly-classifed “ET special studies group”  code-named Majestic-12, via a one-page memo to his Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, in late 1947. A facsimile of that document appears below. This was an outgrowth of the Roswell incident (the NSA was founded at the same time). For two days, Roswell was reported as a crashed ET craft, with accompanying photos. Then, the cover story was changed to a “downed weather balloon,” the ET craft wreckage and evidence quietly spirited away to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio.Truman Majestic 12 memo

Wright-Patterson was not deemed adequately secure by the CIA, who quickly took over control of MJ-12. They and peers in the Pentagon and “aerospace” negotiated to establish a highly-secure isolated area to study downed ET craft and reverse-engineer related high technologies, including “revolutionary free energy” and electrogravitics (aka: anti-gravity). This created the Area 51 and Papoose Lake sites near Nellis AFB.

James Forrestal – Truman’s Secretary of Defense and the founding MJ-12 member – believed that constitutional and Bill of Rights principles required that the American people be told the basic outlines of the Roswell incident, and that it was wrong to lie about it so blatantly.James Forrestal

The “official story” was that he committed suicide by jumping from his room at Walter Reed hospital. Evidence points to him having been assassinated after insisting, against the wishes of other powerful MJ-12 members, on a “limited disclosure policy.” Dwight Eisenhower’s “farewell speech” warnings about the Military-Industrial complex and JFK’s assassination also have Majestic-12 related threads.

I mention these facts as preface to introducing the following 2013 Foster Gamble presentation to help people understand just how deep and long the history of public deception and suppression runs. Foster touches on many themes, but in terms of understanding the history, suppression and importance of the Breakthrough Energy solutions, you can view just the P5, P7 and P11 segments below and get an excellent picture. That involves just a tad over 20 minutes.

2013 Foster Gamble Breakthrough Energy Movement presentation

P1, 1-13 mins,  Introductory remarks
P2 13-21 mins,  Breakthrough Energy science fundamentals
P3 21-30 mins,  Breakthrough Energy history & overall importance
P4 30-47 mins,  Breakthrough Energy and metaphysics
P5 47-52 mins,  Breakthrough Energy suppression history
P6 52-55 mins,  Related major socio-political problems
P7 55-1:01 mins,  Global financial & political control structure
P8 1:01-1:17 mins,  Thrive Movement overview & objectives
P9 1:17-1:20 mins,  Non-aggression as the “Universal morality principle”
P10 1:20-1:25 mins,  Thrive multi-sector solutions and activism
P11 1:25-1:37 mins,  Recommended Breakthrough Energy distribution strategies
P12 1:37-1:41 mins,  Closing remarks

Catherine Austin Fitts breakthrough energy
Breakthrough Energy vs. the NWO

This weekend, I listened to an interview by Catherine Austin Fitts of my friend, “New Energy colleague” and New Energy Declaration Founding Signatory, Joel Garbon.

Catherine is an amazing individual who, confronted with high-level government corruption during her term as a senior HUD executive in the Bush 1 administration, took the road-less-travelled, becoming a courageous whistle-blower and activist.  She’s been an inspiring crusader for a better world ever since, esp. via her Solari project.  Catherine has spoken at Breakthrough Energy Movement and Secret Space Program conferences about the vast scope of the secretized US federal “Black Budget.”  I especially recommend this presentation she gave on those topics.

Joel serves as President of New Energy Movement, a project founded a decade ago by our mutual friend, the late Dr. Brian O’Leary, and several others.  I served as NEM’s Southern California Coordinator for several years and, independent of that, maintained a large collection of online information regarding the clandestine “official suppression” of needed energy and transportation technologies (archived website here).breakthrough energy definitions

Joel is an articulate presenter who’s served as an important ambassador for the “Breakthrough Energy” cause for many years.  Click the graphic to the right to read a summary of his recent interview and/or listen.

Here, I’d like to provide my own replies to several important points Catherine raised.  She said “Mr. Global” – the kind of “Illuminati planner” that exists in certain rarified “elite financial and political circles,” some of whom are responsible for some very harmful agendas – objects to liberating the clandestinely-suppressed energy and transportation technologies for the following reasons.  Beside each point, I provide my own response.

Please comment on this article if you’d like to circulate your own thoughts.

“Mr. Global will say there are too many dangerous weapons applications”

The most advanced technologies in our world – including those with “dangerous weapons applications” – have long been mainly in the hands of “the bad guys” of our world, responsible for many of our world’s problems.  The public is not even aware of many related details and disinformation (“conspiracy theory”) smokescreens are put up whenever anyone gets close.  One example is the Nikola Tesla based HAARP technology, which has been used to create artificial drought and other harmful weather conditions around the globe for years; technology which, in the right hands, could have helped create a world of shared abundance and peace. The Snowden NSA revelations, revelations about the extent of “deep underground military bases” and secret space programs, the true sociopathic nature of the Big Pharma and Monsanto agendas … there are many examples of “abused, secretized high technology.”  This is why we wanted an open and accountable government guided by the “Will of the People” versus the very sick and corrupt “National Security State” we’ve ended up with.
david rockefeller NWO

Reality: Mr. Global is actually not concerned about the “weapons potential” of releasing the suppressed “Water Car” energy-transportation technology nor most of the rest of the suppressed technology.  After all, some of Mr. Global’s best friends are major weapons traffickers (incl. to “terrorist” and “drug lord” networks).  The suppressed E&T portfolio is really all about “maintaining status quo arrangements.”  Yup, maintaining plutocratic top-down control of societies and lopsided privileges.  Much moreso than the long-running criminalization of marijuana and the bogus supposed “War on Drugs”, blanket suppression of Breakthrough Energy has gravely hurt the decent overwhelming majority of our world and Mother Nature, while enriching and benefiting small criminal and elite plutocratic elements (research the concentration of wealth Big Energy has created since WWII).  It has also made it more difficult to contain those few technologies with legitimate incremental net risks.

The more common objection of this sort Mr. Global resorts to, actually, is … “But, it’ll crash the economy!”  More bogus smoke and mirrors, and you don’t need my masters degree in “International Relations” and economics to know it.  This excuse is blown away by other articles and videos linked from this website.  Reality: Liberating best-of-breed suppressed E&Ts will vastly expand the global economy from the get-go, accelerating from that point forward, soon creating … “shared abundance.”  Prison Planet die-hards don’t like that scenario and will come up with endless excuses to prevent system of illuminati control

“Mr. Global will say developing nations must be prevented from achieving parity”

I agree with Joel’s responses, “Fear, fear and fear,” and, “Empires don’t last.”

We can live lives of plenty while others do, too, around the world; if we pull our behavior into alignment with our professed high values and end the unethical suppression of so many good things in our world.  As part of this, people who are meant to “apprehend dangerous criminals” need to get busy at some very high levels in our world.  People who have taken an oath to “Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” – and have been on the payroll for a decade or two supposedly doing that – need to realize this oath was meant seriously and was not just a test of their ability to repeat English-language sentences.  We need to believe in a world that is just and meritocratic then behave accordingly.  The majority of people who profess high religious, spiritual and moral values must become much better at translating that into daily action where they work and live, even if involving “inconvenient truth.”

Average people around the world, given plenty, tend to be friendly, generous and cooperative.  Desperate people, on the other hand, are dangerous.  Mr. Global knows this and this supposed “2nd reason” to block human progress is, once again, just pretending sincerity.  We need to bring about a world of “Shared Prosperity” right now.  Liberating the suppressed E&Ts is at the top of that list.

“Mr. Global will say there are already too many people, ‘Free energy’ will make it worse”

Two of the great common fallacies of our world, even among advanced thinkers, involve the “Global Warming” and “over-population” themes.  Convincing evidence indicates that “climate change” is caused by extraordinary cosmic and solar energies, affecting all planets in our solar system.  The majority of climate scientists align with “Climate-Gate,” rejecting paid-for falsified science that supposedly “proves global warming” – a) The vast majority of “greenhouse gases” are water vapor; b) CO2 does not cause appreciable warming; c) no one seems authorized to talk about all the clean revolutionary E&T technologies the high-up networks suppress, which burn nothing and involve no purchased or mined fuel; d) global weather patterns are trending toward more moderate or colder orwell revolutionary truth quote

Interesting, huh?

So, what’s the real purpose of the deceptive, massively-funded “global warming” campaign?  It’s to justify establishing permanent “Global IRS” tax-and-oversight institutions (around “carbon taxes”), simultaneously justifying the creation of a permanent, centralized Big Brother world government oversight structure.  And, you thought NSA spying was building up just to serve an “American elite.”  Here are two recent articles (1, 2) about the upcoming UN Summit in New York, at which the Pope and others plan to make speeches on these topics.  Ask yourself, once you get done listening, “Why didn’t he mention the long history of suppressed non-polluting breakthrough Energy & Transportation technologies referenced by Breakthrough Energy Movement, New Energy Declaration and others – suppressed by groups he works closely with?” 

That’s your million-dollar question for the week – others might be mentioned – that negates all the carefully-laid arguments in favor of even greater centralized power and privilege, at the very time our world cries out for the very opposite.  And, while the “campaign promises” at this summit will sound “compassionate” if not warm-and-fuzzy, we in the US know what campaign promises from on high are worth, don’t we?

Re: the “over-population” argument that will also be featured in the upcoming UN summit – much cited by Mr. Global types – reality is that 7 billion can fit comfortably into a space the size of Texas and live better lifestyles there, with greater respect for Nature and each other, than currently applies to the great majority of human beings;christian-values

  1. If major governments began prosecuting many major ignored crimes that have allowed ongoing extreme social and resource predation to continue unabated for decades, and form related Restorative Justice measures instead.
  2. In a world with the suppressed primary Health & Wellness and Energy & Transportation technologies out, “Shared abundance” will almost immediately break out.
  3. If major financial and war crimes were prosecuted and related Restorative Justice funds created, vast misdirected human and material energy – in the Big War, Big Energy, Big Pharma and other sectors – would be liberated and a very different world would result.

When there is shared abundance, when war is outlawed and the climate is one of peace, happiness, health and well-being – when the real criminals are in prison and decent people are free to do as they like as long as they don’t harm others – you will no longer have over-population nor environmental and resource competition problems.  People will gladly cooperate.  Everyone will want to maintain their high standards of living, self-respect and freedom.

This is the world Mr. Global secretly fears, and that’s why the increasingly cornered “Illuminati” elements of our world are now putting forward their warmest-fuzziest latest versions of long-held NWO plans.  Be the fish that swims away from that shiny hook and tempting bait.  Hold out for the Truly Better World we all deserve.

Be the change you want to see.

James Wallerstedt
New Energy Declaration founder


ITNJ International Tribunal for Natural Justice
The International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Our world cries out for “Natural Justice.”  In the United States, almost nothing is left of the founding principles of our nation, which was intended to be an inspiring example of government “Of, by and for The People.”  It has, instead, become a government “Of by and for the major corporations, the Wall Street firms, the defence contractors,” etc. – just another latter-day Rome misadventure and dead end story.

It is past time, now, for reinvention and re-establishing foundations.

Enter the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, an new initiative which, given adequate support, can make major near-term contributions setting our world to rights.

Neither the main international courts – eg: the ICC and ICJ – nor the US Supreme Court nor US federal courts have prosecuted the most egregious ongoing crimes of our era.  To list all such would create a post longer than most will care to read.  But, that would need to include major “false flag wars,” where the real criminals and culprits have been allowed to remain in leadership positions and,  likewise, a wide range of major crimes obscured by abused “national security secrecy” – topics that have not yet circulated openly…but soon will.US declaration of independence

Within the latter category is the untold story of long-standing “official suppression” of clean, safe, revolutionary energy & transportation technologies which our world desperately needs; to free itself from high-level corruption, eliminate endemic poverty and the worst causes of environmental harm and international tension, and create a new world of “shared abundance.”

While the levels of corruption affecting our own nation (the US) are pathological, across the international landscape, sadly, the story is largely the same.  There are a few examples of nations cleaning up their acts in notable ways – Iceland is often mentioned in this context – yet little across the institutional landscape is adequately aligned with principles of “natural law” (recognized in the US Declaration of Independence, yet abused by our current “privatized” USG federal government) to be capable of addressing so many sources of injustice and misalignment.

The ITNJ holds great potential to step into this void and be of service.

This page sets forth some basic ITNJ objectives and background.  One section, titled, “When Natural Law is the rule, entrenched systems of domination and control will give way to the will of the People” suggests…

  • Imagine a world where powerful banking families no longer have a death-grip on the global economy.
  • Imagine a world where trans-national corporations aren’t pitting laborers of one country against those of another in a race to the lowest possible wages.
  • Imagine nation after nation routing out corrupt politicians and holding new elections.
  • Imagine a world where you can trust the 6 o’clock news and it’s not full of fear-mongering designed to pit us against each other.
  • Imagine a world where corporations that pollute entire villages must clean up their messes and pay restitution.
  • Imagine a world where safe and natural cancer treatments are no longer suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry and medical treatments don’t cause harm.
  • Imagine a world where corporations like Monsanto aren’t crushing our food farmers … where everyone has plenty to eat and all food is grown organically.
  • Imagine a world with no fraudulent foreclosures where everyone has a home.

Another point on the list above is, “Imagine a world with clean energy that is free to everyone – no nuclear plants, no coal, no oil, no fracking, no toxic fumes.”

Yes, “imagine that.”

As the New Energy Declaration makes clear, sadly, this is a world we could and should have had long ago, a world humanity and Mother Earth have long been deprived of for unlawful and unethical reasons, while protecting predatory and parasitic interests.

In the Big Energy sector – largest sector of the global economy – this is a story that goes back to the day of JP Morgan, JD Rockefeller and Nikola Tesla, with important implications that have played out during the past century.  Sadly, it’s a story of greed, dishonesty and parasitism triumphing the higher values … those which all the religions and the US Constitution say they stand up for.

If you’ve not yet ratified the New Energy Declaration and circulated it to others, please do so.  And, please, do whatever you can, every week, to set our world to rights.  Remember, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Thank you,

James Wallerstedt
New Energy Declaration founder

The Federation of American Scientists and National Security Secrecy

The following message was just sent by James Wallerstedt, New Energy Declaration founder, to the Federation of American Scientists, an important professional organization of scientists and engineers providing key services to our nation’s Military-Industrial Complex thruout the post-WWII period. FAS was originally known as “The Federation of Atomic Scientists,” founded by scientists who constructed the first atomic bombs. For many years, FAS – recognizing the unconstitutional and socially harmful nature of countless “national security secrecy” abuses its own members are involved in – has maintained a rather bashful “Government Secrecy project” designed to gently urge the Pentagon, “intelligence” agencies and “defense” contractors in the direction of greater honesty and openness. This campaign has created no meaningful progress since its inception. The following letter requested that an FAS Board member become a New Energy Declaration founding signatory. FAS did not reply.

I’m writing to introduce you to our New Energy Declaration and propose that a member of your Board become one of our Founding Signatories. The New Energy Declaration is a campaign to increase public awareness that a broad range of “breakthrough energy” technologies have long been clandestinely suppressed from market entry.

Of course, our world would greatly benefit from more advanced energy and transportation technology options than are presently in discussion, but the public has not been informed of this issue. The accelerated introduction of selected best-of-breed clean, safe, revolutionary energy technologies – currently improperly locked down under “national security” provisions (Section 181, Title 35, 1951 Invention Secrecy Act) – is needed to lift average human quality of life at home and abroad and lessen great social, economic and environmental tensions.

Great burdens on national treasuries will also be lifted by the accelerated release of selected impounded E&Ts (Energy & Transportation technologies) and the influence of major energy and defense sector cartels damaging to the national and global social fabric will be lessened.Congressional corporate lobbying

Ever since the day of Nikola Tesla, various powerful forces have conspired to prevent the emergence of potentially liberating breakthrough energy and transportation technologies, as many FAS members realize. This dynamic became far more problematic following passage of the 1951 US Invention Secrecy Act. Unfortunately, the public still knows almost nothing of these matters which, in itself, is a violation of core founding principles re: “representative democracy.” The public cannot possibly influence elected leaders on key matters if they are unaware of them and/or deliberately misled.

The Section 181 dynamic has ultimately come to revolve around an “It would crash the markets” story, vs. its original sole intended purpose to keep dangerous weapons technologies from mass distribution. The Stan Meyer “water car” technologies are a good case in point in this regard. Stan Meyer was served a Section 181 by a high-ranking Pentagon official, to prevent circulation of his “hydrogen on demand” technology permitting an internal combustion engine to run on water as fuel. Fast forwarding to today, a firm with an extraordinary hydrogen technology (Solar Hydrogen Trends) recently indicated they will not release their technology as planned but are instead submitted to a Pentagon S181 order as they were told their technology would … “crash the markets” (but will be deployed incrementally in US military bases around the world).

This corruption of US founding principles, ethics, good governance and common sense represents an ongoing tragedy of vast proportions – selling out the public interest and abusing national security law while serving parasitic elite financial and corporate interests that have a death grip on our national economy and federal

One does not any special insight to realize this “crash the markets” argument can be knocked over with a feather, if ever allowed into open debate. “The markets” would not crash but instead would be prevented from their otherwise guaranteed crash – not hyperbole – and would finally have a wonderful new fundamental dynamic to rally around.

Secondly, the existing global energy and transportation infrastructure is vast and cannot be replaced except over a period of decades. This transition process has been artificially delayed for at least two generations. We need to get going and to make up for lost time!

The national and global economy can be multiples the present trajectory, solely based upon widespread distribution of best-of-breed suppressed revolutionary E&Ts. This is not to mention the huge health and well-being benefits that will also result, both with regard to human lifestyles and environmental health, which ultimately cannot be measured.

JD Rockefeller and JP Morgan had their own self-serving reasons to suppress “free energy” in Tesla’s day. The excuses have been morphing ever since.Declaration-of-Independence

I am asking a member of your FAS Board of Directors to please ratify The New Energy Declaration as one of its Founding Signatories.

The New Energy Declaration proposes the accelerated national and international distribution of safe best-of-breed E&Ts under a program involving massive subsidies. We are proposing the creation of a related $1 trillion “New Energy Restorative Justice Fund.”

The recently announced “Breakthrough Energy Coalition” – led by Bill Gates, George Soros another of its Board members – is evidently an attempt to green-wash and white-wash a gradual release of technologies long since in use in the Black Budget and USAP sectors, while not releasing any existing breakthrough E&T technologies for off-grid power applications nor the transportation sector, the goal being to keep the US and global public chained into a  “planned scarcity” scenario involving excessive energy prices and “Smart Grid” administered onerous taxation and surveillance, with all new transportation sector fuel (esp. hydrogen) still delivered by our world’s problematic and parasitic major oil firms.

I hope that FAS will decide to help promote and gain broader awareness for our New Energy Declaration project.

Sincere regards,

James Wallerstedt

“Smart Meters” and Government Corruption

I highly recommend the block-buster documentary expose on the global “Smart Grid” program, Take Back Your Power.  Director-Producer Josh del Sol has done an amazing job getting the word out re: what’s really involved with this agenda.  Think, “more government surveillance,” “escalating micro-billing, “energy rationing,” and “new international carbon taxes.”  Oh, plus the ability to switch off your ‘fridge via the connection between its “smart appliance” brain and your “smart meter.”  Great stuff.

None of this expensive plan – paid for by the taxpayers, natch – actually has any of the touted environmental or logistic benefit.  I like Josh’s optimism – expressed in the following update – that the Orwellian machine still directing our federal government is beginning to falter.  Alex Jones’ recent update about upcoming US military martial law exercises in the US – alongside the NDAA, etc. – however, might make us wonder.

Here’s the latest TBYP update.Alex Jones on NDAA

“Spring begins to bloom, and signs increase that the wheels may be falling off the technocratic wagon as crimes continue to be revealed. With the machine’s momentum still continuing its careening slide, the question of when it will stop and how smooth the transition will be remains up to all of us.

Below is an info-rich range of recent news items which illustrate the depth and breadth of systemic failure at hand and the need for correction. With the worldwide “smart” meter deployment, we are undoubtedly seeing several Problem-Reaction-Solution schemes.


(1) Problem Spin: Climate crisis endangers all life
(2) Reaction: “We must limit CO2”
(3) False solution: Fund and deploy “smart” meters (no energy savings nor environmental benefit)

(*) Real, suppressed solution: New decentralized energy technologies


(1) Problem Spin: Terrorists and hackers endanger our security and lives
(2) Reaction: “We must find ‘bad guys’ and stop them”
(3) False solution: Pass legislation to legalize Orwellian surveillance state (gather unprecedented data on everyone via smart meters, the “internet of things,” etc)

(*) Real, suppressed solution: a) Data encryption, b) disband NSA and end all dragnet surveillance, c) hold liable corporate and government criminals peddling fear and deploying false, harmful solutions.

Notice how the false “solutions” always play on our fears, and are often marketed as “green?” And, how the true ones empower everyone and serve all humanity?

It is challenging to deal with the realization that “leaders” and institutions we trusted have been and still are actively working against us. But deciding to face this with courage and unity is a key part of us all taking back our power.


US Black Budget Fraud

I recommend watching a superb presentation by Catherine Austin Fitts about the huge US and international “black budget economy,” which was given at a conference last year on “secret space program” topics.  Her presentation was titled The Black Budget: What Does it Mean to the US Federal Budget, the Economy and You?

Catherine was a high official in HUD – the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development – in the administration of George Bush Sr.  She witnessed hundreds of millions of dollars being siphoned out of HUD budgets but everyone she went to refused to shed light on the issues.  Finally, she confronted someone on a Senate committee with key financial oversight responsibility and was told by their Chief of Staff, confidentially, “HUD is being run as a criminal enterprise.”

Okay…  But, by who?  The trail led to the Fed, the Treasury Dept. and the CIA.  From there, to the Mob … no, not exactly what we’re trained to believe goes on in our government.  But, then again, as so many sources document, on a wide range of topics, the “official version” of reality and reality are … two very different things. CIA-black-budget-issues

Catherine runs the project and is an amazing powerhouse of information, research and leadership.  In one of the slides in the presentation just mentioned, Catherine points out that the black budget problems – at the core of our US “Military-Industrial” sector, its secrecy, bloated expenditures and deviance from founding principles – do not amount to “corruption,” per se.  They amount to institutionalized fraud and democratic subversion of an epic scale, underway since the 1950s, when the “intelligence agencies” were combined with the highest levels of the financial sector, and given carte blanche to circumvent law for a wide range of activities.

Yes.  Either you have an open and accountable government or a “Secret Government.”  The two are basically incompatible.  In the post WWII era, we gave the Secret Government elements such power that they have now completely overtaken “honest, accountable and open” government, of the type we initially had in mind founding this nation.

Catherine talks about the Wall St. bailouts and other major federal fraud as involving a “Leveraged buyout of the planet.”  This is all stuff Dwight Eisenhower warned about in his farewell speech to the nation, and it ties into New Energy Declaration topics very directly.

You might tune in to her presentation around 15 min, when she really gets going.  Definitely worth watching.

Fracking and Water Shortages

Here’s a taste of the insanity and harm to Mother Earth being occasioned by keeping clean, safe, revolutionary best-of-breed energy technologies under wraps.  We’ve all heard of “Fracking” for oil.  It’s as obscene as it sounds, destroying ground water supplies, polluting them permanent with highly toxic chemicals.  And, all in a mad scramble for expensive, polluting, ultimately needless fossil fuel resources.

I just ran across this report about a firm selling an expensive (and energy intensive) technology that derives drinking water from the atmosphere.  This report is specifically designed to address water shortages in areas where Fracking has occured which, again, ruins water supplies.


Please sign the New Energy Declaration and recommend others do likewise!

The Free Energy Grinch Strikes Again

Last month, published an account of a company with an amazing hydrogen production technology (Solar Hydrogen Trends). They evidently are legit, and have a way-over-unity approach that produces huge volumes of hydrogen vis a vis energy inputs. They were approached by individuals who apparently associate with the “Security Group” instituted by the US 1951 Invention Secrecy Act and told that getting their technology out would “crash the markets.” It is thus, now, effectively impounded.

At some point after 1971 – when the US dollar went off the gold standard – the USPTO Security Group increasingly began relying on a “crash the markets” story for impounding clean breakthrough energy and transportation technologies, for two reasons. First, the intent of the 1951 act – to prevent dissemination of technologies with major weapons implications – clearly didn’t apply to many technologies that, nonetheless, the combined industry-government Security Group membership wished to prevent from open distribution. Secondly, with oil versus gold now the (undisclosed, official) backing for the “world’s reserve currency,” the argument could be made that anything that might “disrupt the markets” was a “national security risk.”

To say that this logic has been abused is a huge understatement. The US and global public has suffered an “opportunity cost” – via not having the great liberating benefits of the hundreds of “clean revolutionary free energy” technologies that have been impounded over the decades – so enormous that it would be impossible to associate with it any meaningful “compensatory damage” or “restorative justice” figures.

If we go all the way back to JD Rockefeller and JP Morgan v. Nikola Tesla, we see that standard greed factors were responsible for preventing the entry of revolutionary energy technologies. Ever since, the excuses for the lock-downs have morphed yet the basic dynamic has remained the same. With the “breakthrough energy” technologies out, we’d have a much more egalitarian world and a greatly reduced ability to centralize economic and political power. This is true because energy remains the largest sector of the global economy and is tied closely to average quality of human life.

It’s understand that the New Energy Declaration campaign must run at least 5-10 years to amount to much, since it involves the proposition to seriously reinvent our forms of self-governance and disassemble much government corruption, and abusive and excessive secrecy that’s developed. Here are some excerpts re: this latest apparent “clandestine government impoundment” of needed breakthrough energy technology. Don’t expect to see any related mainstream media coverage.

In terms of the sciences involved apparently violating the “Law of Conservation of Energy,” that is addressed by many other websites, books, articles and documentaries. Extremely high over-unity energy effects can be produced by any technology that effectively taps into the ever-present background ZPE/VPF field and many technologies have accomplished that.

From this page

Spreading this technology worldwide at this stage will be irresponsible, because it has the potential to crash the world markets. There will be great irreparable damage done to the current energy structures and systems. It is our duty to bring maximum benefit to USA and to its national security without hurting the world economy. We prefer an evolutionary development and implementation of our technology rather than a revolutionary and drastic change in energy supplies.

This is the most unparalleled cutting edge technology developed in the history of mankind and should be treated as a national treasure. If it is allowed to end up in the hands of the rivals of the USA they will gain superiority in the military industrial capabilities which will be a threat to national security and economy. The US government can leverage this technology to pull itself from under this burdensome debt of 20 trillion dollars in a very short period of time.

From this page

In my opinion if we ally and work with the United States government and its armed forces, the safety of our personnel and our technology will be better protected. The possibility of a Gag Order is there regardless if we work with the military or not. As you have mentioned it yourself, these days, the government can get what it wants with legal and illegal means. The way that I see our technology being leveraged by United States is by creating so-called “Energy Bases” in the territories where USA has military naval and air bases. United States can significantly reduce energy costs for the armed forces by switching to hydrogen fuel supplied by our reactors.

In addition, hundreds of countries can solve their energy shortages by purchasing their electricity and hydrogen fuel from the US “Energy Bases” near their borders or on their territory. The economic viability of such a strategy I leave to the US government to research and evaluate. In my opinion it is in the interests of our government to transform the military bases from revenue spending sites to revenue generating “Energy Bases”, thereby relieving the burden on the taxpayer.

The Needed “Population Control” Alternative

Just watch the first 10-15 minutes of the following interview between New Energy Declaration Founding Signatory, Sacha Stone and Kevin Galalea, if you have any doubt whether or not there’s really a covert “depopulation agenda” that’s been in operation. It’s sad, but it’s worth knowing about and, most definitely, it ties into the troubling Monsanto GMO foods agenda and its government tie-ins here and abroad.

Kevin has taken up protesting these clandestine methods which involve huge public funds being used – without public knowledge or consent – for programs that create infertility, reduce soil productivity, foreshorten lifespans and create a wide range of (intended and unintended) negative health effects. The French government is right now suing Monsanto over linkage between their GMO crops and cancer, for example.  The clandestine “population reduction” programs Kevin describes have been in operation and gathering momentum for two full generations.india-gmo-crops-tragedy

These plans trace especially to John D. Rockefeller who heavily funded the “eugenics movement” in Britain and the US in the pre-WWII era via tens of millions he’d deposited into the Rockefeller Foundation. During WWII Standard Oil created a series of joint ventures with our world’s original Big Pharma bad boy, IG Farben, which was involved in the atrocities of the Nazi death camps (including producing the infamous poison gas compounds).  In fact, most of the big American and European big pharmaceutical firms trace their origins to IG Farben and the German WWII era pharmaceutical industry. In 1952, John Rockefeller Jr. founded “The Population Council,” which still exists, though the original Eugenics Council funded by John Rockefeller Sr. has been renamed “The Society for the Study of Social Biology.”US-GMO-food-percentages-canola-corn-soy

If you’ve wondered how and why Monsanto has received such enormous funding and how and why they’ve received such unbelievable protection from lawsuits and justice despite the huge damages to human biology and Nature caused by their maniacal international GMO campaigns – “reduced fertility” is actually one of the less-troubling side effects – wonder no more.

Question: What might create a world of Shared Abundance and a happy and healthy humanity, without needing to coerce lower populations, herd people into overcrowded slum cities, and have their health and fate negatively controlled by those meeting annually in smokey backrooms, creating the misguided agendas described by Kevin Galalae?

Answer: a) Get out the unlawfully suppressed breakthrough energy and transportation technologies humanity needs; b) Create a grand new Global Commons Action Plan with New Energy, New Health and New Earth planks to create a new era of planetary shared abundance and well-being. In the US, Europe and Japan – past two generations – we’ve proven beyond doubt that higher quality-of-life and higher educational levels lower birth rates.

The assumptions being made by these Bilderberger and C300 (Committee of 300) elite about Earth having a carrying capacity for food and resources of only a few billion are based upon completely false assumptions. However, because their clandestine “population reduction” methods are both sociopathic and criminal, they’re never disclosed. Never being disclosed, they can never be openly discussed, in the way free societies are meant to function. This is an identical situation to the ongoing clandestine lock-down of the breakthrough energy technologies by the USG (US federal government).

The C300 population model assumes the Breakthrough Energy technologies won’t be released because … this is a group that coordinates their suppression (along with the 1951 Invention Secrecy Act committee). Thus, the largest source of planetary pollution by sector – Energy, related to fossil fuels production and consumption and nuclear fission – will not be allowed to transition to the completely clean and environmentally benign Breakthrough Energy options. Also, we keep in place major related resource competition dynamics that could transition (“oil wars,” anyone?).

Next, what does abject poverty do to people besides increase birth rates and desperation? Correct. It ruins the environment, a link well-proven in the literature.

So, all this misdirection and damage could be reversed and “Shared Abundance” and well-being created in its place. But, as Step 1 – just as with the topics Kevin describes – we need to bring these issues to light for public discussion. If you’ve not yet signed the New Energy Declaration, please do so. And, consider watching the first 15 minutes of the following clip.

Solar Hydrogen Trends and the “National Security” Big Lie

I just read a post by our world’s pre-eminent “New Energy reporter,” Sterling Allen, about an amazing hydrogen production technology developed by a company named Solar Hydrogen Trends.

Good News, Bad News.

The Good News

It appears this technology is for real, amazing as it is.  It could be hugely liberating for human potential, if released in mass production form.  Though the technology appears to “violate the Law of the Conservation of Energy,” it evidently, indeed, is capable of returning roughly 1500x more energy output versus (apparent) input.  Such results are possible, without violating thermodynamic principles, where any technology is tapping into an unmeasured source of background energy.  In this case, the technology is probably tapping into universal Zero Point (aka: virtual photon flux) energy.  There are hundreds of other documented examples of such “over-unity” results, which also may associate with planetary magnetic, electrical or etheric background energy.  Sterling’s article included this excerpt contained in a letter that he received from the inventors, “This is the most unparalleled cutting edge technology developed in the history of mankind.”

The Bad News

A larger excerpt from the letter just mentioned elucidates the Bad News.  The inventors note that they are going along with a Section 181 style suppression process coming from the bad boys who control our world’s primary “New World Order” police force, joined to the Military-Industrial Complex hairball that former US Pres. Dwight Eisenhower warned us about.

The inventors said –

Spreading this technology worldwide at this stage will be irresponsible, because it has the potential to crash the world markets. There will be great irreparable damage done to the current energy structures and systems.  It is our duty to bring maximum benefit to USA and to its national security without hurting the world economy.  We prefer an evolutionary development and implementation of our technology rather than a revolutionary and drastic change in energy supplies.

This is the most unparalleled cutting edge technology developed in the history of mankind and should be treated as a national treasure. If it is allowed to end up in the hands of the rivals of the USA they will gain superiority in the military industrial capabilities which will be a threat to national security and economy. The US government can leverage this technology to pull itself from under this burdensome debt of 20 trillion dollars in a very short period of time.”


“The markets” are now increasingly being recognized by the financial and academic press to be casino operations, controlled by the Fed and certain other unscrupulous actors, consistently funnelling financial rewards away from Have-Nots toward Haves, in ways also hollowing out the true productive strength of our economies.  “The markets” have already basically become what they were in totalitarian Russia – tools of state control, of by and for elite networks.

Meanwhile, the same Old Snake that’s been slithering out from the bushes to swallow every Golden Egg in the New Energy area that might have liberated human potential by this point – freeing it from the New World Order kleptocrats – ever since the days of founding Energy & Transportation Bad Boys JD Rockefeller and JP Morgan, has just dunnit again.  “Crash the markets.”  Sure.  There should be an insane Jack Nicholson laugh track in the background while that plays.

Big Energy is the largest single sector of the global economy, thus the single largest drain on human incomes and labor.  Thus, it’s the most parasitic of all sectors vis a vis repressing human potential.  That, because the more time and energy humanity has to expend to meet basic survival needs, the less time and energy is available for true creative expression.  Suppression of clean abundant free energy is a key factor in keeping humanity locked into a deadly zero-sum scarcity paradigm and those controlling “the markets” know this.

You don’t need my masters degree in International Relations to know that the same kleptocrats and crypto-fascists that former US President and Supreme Allied Commander Dwight Eisenhower warned us about – the potential for the “disastrous rise of misplaced power” on the part of the “Military-Industrial Complex” – are the ones behind this Solar Hydrogen Trends story of the latest stolen Golden Egg.

Reality: the US military-industrial complex has replaced the totalitarian authoritarian threat to human progress that Soviet totalitarianism once represented.  The Dark Powers go wherever they can find cover. By allowing our US “national security” laws to trump the founding principles of our nation with regard to honesty, integrity, honor, a nation “of, by and for The People,” etc, we’ve given cover to a lot of cockroaches now under the floorboards.

The Solar Hydrogen Trends inventors and staff are almost certainly well-meaning. They experienced the repression of Soviet culture and now want to prove their loyalty to their new home, the United States.  This is admirable.  The problem is that my government – the US government of today – is a corporate criminal government with no fidelity whatsoever to the founding principles of this nation, nor to the Constitution which was meant to remain the Supreme Law of the Land.

Across this government – including the CIA and the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Big Energy-Media hairball Eisenhower warned about – are thousands of highly-placed individuals who, right now, should be in prison for life for a wide range of high crimes; including treason, white collar crime and RICO statues violations.  We could start with the $26 trillion looted from the US Treasury documented by Ron Paul’s group and followup on the CIA torture and Iraq-Afghanistan war crimes now openly acknowledged.

The Cabal sociopaths who currently control my US government at the highest levels are creating a Have Have-Not world at a dizzying rate, as they loot the Treasury like mad, transferring huge public wealth into private hands.  They seek to create a global return to Dickens England, an Orwellian world in which they will rule over a whittled down peasant population of … “willing workers.”

All who play into this agenda are betraying the best interests of the United States and larger world.  Sadly, this list now includes our misguided brilliant inventor friends at Solar Hydrogen Trends.  They have dodged a major bullet – the Big Sticks that would’ve been applied had they stood by principle and broken the clandestine Free Energy Embargo that’s been in effect since the days of Tesla – and, I’m sure, earned some big carrots; financial and other privileges that will now be accorded them for cooperating with those President Eisenhower warned us about.

Yet, what’s happened is that the same nasty Old Snake – a la JD Rockefeller, a la JP Morgan – just slithered out from the bushes, swallowed another Golden Egg and disappeared, while the citizens of our nation – “Land of the free and home of the brave,” in mythology – slumber on.

Please endorse the New Energy Declaration if you’ve not yet done so, and recommend that others do likewise.

The Pressing Need to Reinvent Life on Earth

Another of my voluntary non-profit projects goes by the name of “Reinventing America.”  Yesterday, I shot a video on the topic of a proposed new “International Service Corps,” “Global Commons Action Plan,” and US domestic campaign for dramatically rebuiding infrastructure, etc.  No such bold proposals – details below, in the text I posted to youtube as the video’s description – can possibly proceed with our current government structures, central banking structures and such.

Yet, whether people realize it or not, those are failing.  We now face the prospect of reinventing nearly everything for the better, or suffering through an interminable national – and, to large degree – international decline.  As the following clip makes evidently, I’m all in favor of the former course.  And, there is a “New Energy” component to these plans.

In the United States and internationally, we face a serious “Fork in the Road.”  On the current path lay ongoing social and economic meltdown, worsening Have Have-Not gaps and the loss of the virtues America once was proud of. This continued Latter-Day Rome course leads toward an orwellian, “Hunger Games” future.  On the other hand is the opportunity to REINVENT THE FOUNDATIONS of our nation for the better. This path requires the ACTIVE PARTICIPATION of Americans across the board.  Only grassroots movements promise major social improvements. Such never come from within the kind of decayed institutional structures that now characterize our nation.

In terms of reinventing our nation and world for the better, it’s time to return to the spirit of JFK’s inaugural address, in which he said;

“To those peoples in the huts and villages across the globe struggling to break the bonds of mass misery, we pledge our best efforts to help them help themselves…not because we seek their votes, but because it is right. If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.”

JFK created the Peace Corps and the Alliance for Progress in Latin America.  He opposed secrecy in government.  Upon learning of CIA duplicity in the Vietnam War, he threatened to “smash [it] into a thousand pieces.”  Via Executive Order 11110, JFK attempted to “abolish the Fed” and replace it with a still-needed Treasury banking system. With the assasination of JFK and his brother, Bobby, American foreign and domestic policy trends were dealt an enormous setback, from which our world never recovered; both the United States and various other major nations have continued Latter-Day Rome drift ever since. But, now is the time when we can finally address these issues and lay the foundation for a new world of peace and Shared Abundance, at home and abroad.

This video introduces the following proposals;

a) Creation of a new International Service Corps and Global Commons Action Plan, with US leadership, and a US domestic program counterpart. That will be like a hugely-ramped version of FDR’s WPA (Works Program Administration) for rebuilding infrastructure; an Americorps type program, but injected with more than 1000x times current budgets, manpower and infrastructure.  For both the domestic and international (GCAP, ISC) programs, important competencies and infrastructure from US military and NATO structures will be extracted as appropriate, then reworked and repurposed toward socially and economically constructive ends.

b) For both domestic and international programs, there will be three main planks; New Energy, New Health and New Earth. The first will focus on the accelerated distribution of suppressed clean revolutionary energy and transportation technologies, and accelerated distribution of selected existing renewables.  The New Health plank will be primarily an educational effort, spreading best-of-breed health and wellness information, esp. including dietary practices (and the elimination of current GMOs). Certain technology and clinical components will also be involved. The New Earth campaign will focus on national and international remineralization and revitalization of soils and the creation of organic agriculture projects; also, environmental cleanup of land and sea, involving conventional and suppressed remediation technologies alongside a global tree-planting program.

c) Reduction of US military budgets and manpower to 20% of current (2014) levels by 2020, with savings and reduced human resources redirected both toward domestic and international reconstruction projects.

A Golden Age of Shared Abundance is possible, but only if good-hearted people become active to make it happen. Bringing about such a world, today, will be far easier than in JFK’s day.  We just need to set our sights higher and make course corrections.  Final thoughts from JFK’s 1961 inaugural address;

“Can we…assure a more fruitful life for all mankind?  Will you join in that historic effort? If a beachhead of cooperation may push back the jungle of suspicion, let us join in creating a new endeavor; not a new balance of power, but a new world of law, where the strong are just and the weak secure and the peace preserved.  Let us unite to heed in all corners of the earth the command of Isaiah, to “Undo the heavy burdens and let the oppressed go free.” The energy, the faith, the devotion, which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it, and the glow from that fire can truly light the world.  With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on Earth, God’s work must truly be our own.”

“Smart Meters” Interview w/ Josh del Sol

This week, Sterling Allen interviewed Josh del Sol.  Josh is the producer-director of a must-see documentary on the bogus, criminal, so-called “smart meter” “smart grid” agenda … which our world’s main international sociopathic Usual Suspects Network is rolling out on a largely clueless and sleepy public (on the taxpayer’s dime, as usual; hold on for photovoltaics on the roadways and other planned swindles in the pipeline).

However, if Josh del Sol has anything to do with things – and he does, big-time – the public isn’t going to remain clueless about this one much longer.  Yes, I know, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”  Still – as with the New Energy Declaration – I remain an optimist; optimistic that enough will awaken and “get active” to allow us to go down that Fork in the Road leading to a Golden Age … versus, yeah, the Hunger Games, Water World path.

Here’s a link to a Smart Meters Extortion writeup with the interview just mentioned.

The Contrived Renewable Energy Debate

Just sent the following to an individual I’ve been in contact with for years, who has a large international following. I’m wanting to convince him to become a New Energy Declaration “Founding Signatory” –

It’s extremely difficult to get attention for the Breakthrough Energy topic because the global money system remains controlled by the usual suspects.  They are continuing to divert huge sums from the public treasuries and Big Energy coffers toward their artificially truncated “renewable energy solutions” roster, intentionally eliminating the breakthrough E&T options that humanity and Mother Earth desperately need to transition from the intended Shared Scarcity scenarios to sustainable Shared Abundance.

The current trajectory is dysfunctional at best. I characterize it as seriously criminal, given the grave humanitarian tradeoffs associated with all options currently on the table and the awareness of the suppressed solutions on the part of those doing the high-level “social engineering.” And, this is supposedly a government “Of, by and for the people” with the intention that the public would be aware of critical issues and options. Within our “intelligence agency” networks and the Big Energy firms, at NASA, DoE and the major aerospace firms, there is widespread awareness of a dozen fantastic breakthrough E&T technologies not permitted out.  These are at work daily in the classified NASA programs, in underground bases and in various private and “classified” facilities. Many of these technologies have been developed at taxpayer expense.

The “global warming” and environmental debates must not continue to be detached from the huge implications for continued artificially lowered average human quality-of-life and living standards, here and abroad.

What’s transpiring now is disinformation masquerading as sincere debate. As Take Back Your Power and other resources reflect, it’s all being artificially driving toward new layers of UN and national government administered permanent carbon taxes and escalating micro-metered energy. All needless. All would be irrelevant if honor would simply prevail. Humanity cannot afford this continued developing Have Have-not gaps. We must break the locked down Breakthrough Energy technologies out of their current status and restore integrity to government. My hope is that the New Energy Declaration campaign can help mainstream awareness of these important topics.

Citizenship Responsibilities and the New Energy Declaration

A few days ago, end of the day, decided I wanted to address “my fellow Americans” on the topic of “citizenship responsibilities.”  The following clip resulted.

It was shot as the sun was setting – noticeable as the clip proceeds – an apt metaphor for our nation, as our national government has been taken over by liars, criminals, con men and fake patriots for, now, a long-time running.

Time to put some Real Patriots back in office, Boys and Girls.  And, way past time for people in this self-proclaimed “land of the free and home of the brave” to finally have the backbone to stand up for principle and honor and put many things to right gone sideways.

Either that, or George Orwell is really going to end up looking like a genius.

Motivated to “Do something?”

a)  Endorse the New Energy Declaration.

b)  Hit the Donate button.

c)  Circulate this website to others and ask them to do likewise.

d)  Carry forward your own initiatives to help set our world to rights!



We the People vs. Our Own Government?

In communicating with one of the “Founding Signatories” of the New Energy Declaration, last year, this is something he said by email. My own decades of research into these topics confirms the gist of what he’s saying. The New Energy Declaration is an important grassroots initiative, folks. It’s time to reset moral foundations –

“Technology suppression has become a way of life for the big guys. One of the uses to which NSA has been applying its over-arching surveillance programs is to help the rich fat bastards who control the planet keep guys like us, who really solve problems (which they are mostly guilty of creating and exploiting by perpetuation) off the playing field. The Internet may actually be the vehicle that will save us because it enables us to disclose information to almost everyone any time we choose. It’s not governable and it’s not yet controllable, so we still have a window of opportunity to work with. Your declaration must become a part of the process – declarations are useful and important because they give people a way to focus on specifics.”

“Free Energy Now,” Agree and Disagree

I’ve been reading Sterling Allen’s reporting on “Free Energy” topics for years and recommending his work to others.  I’ve also encouraged others to donate to support his activities and have made modest donations, myself. His reporting has been vitally important in spreading awareness of the BE (Breakthrough Energy) topics.

Last summer, I made an effort to get Sterling to ratify the New Energy Declaration and he declined, saying he felt that the main impediments to dissemination of revolutionary energy technologies had mainly to do with inventors “shooting themselves in the foot.” I, certainly, see the suppression factors as being far more influential.

This morning, I just read this article, which Sterling posted recently to one of his websites. It centers on the suppression topic, with Sterling’s interpretation focussing on more subtle – higher-dimensional, we might say – aspects of the suppression equation. Here’s an excerpt;

If you have a disruptive technology and you try to roll it out to the planet in general as it presently exists, then the corrupt powers that be are not going to be the only ones who will be holding you back. The angels of God will likewise be restraining things in the ways they are able: such as withholding inspiration from people who rely on inspiration before they act. In fact, I would argue that the angels are better blockers than the men in black, who are merely a reflection of the corruption of society that is not yet deserving of these technologies and the freedom they embody.So, to conclude, you who have disruptive energy technologies do have a customer base — the awakened remnant. Green light there. But if you try to roll out your technology to the general public, don’t be surprised if you are met by continual disappointments and obstacles. There is still a red light from God there that will stop your progress no matter how hard you try.

So my advice would be, if you want to speed the time that the general public can benefit from your technology, then help wake them up and inspire them to turn to God. Otherwise, you’re working against the principle of “sin leads to captivity”. If you want people to be free, which free energy technologies embody and engender, then they need to live according to the principles that are consistent with freedom: namely goodness.

Sterling tends to interpret major events in terms of biblical prophecy and is open in saying so. I agree with the general premise he’s expressing, that the problem in getting the liberating E&T technologies out to humanity does not just involve the corrupt powers apex powers – actors at high levels in the corporate and governmental organigrams. The larger backdrop is that so many in our societies are complicit in negative agendas, in terms of the organizations they work for and what their careers and activities are really all about.

There are both the “sins of omission” and “sins of commission” involved. Of the former type, there’s a very widespread phenomenon I refer to as “willful ignorance.” So, for example, you won’t look into what was really behind these disastrous invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan – or “9/11 Truth” – because you work for a “defense contractor” or the military, and would really rather not know. Or, you work for a Big Pharma firm and would rather not confront disturbing facts regarding your company’s vaccines and other products. Or, you work for Big Energy and would rather not know about the “black-shelving” activities of the guy in the corner office.  Get the idea? Also, where you know you could help by volunteering or donating to help someone addressing such things … you fail to.

For such reasons, I agree with Sterling’s analysis that our societies, by and large, have gotten the world they’ve deserved; including apex-level corruption in our federal government and corporotacry, which is very latter-day Rome, and is routinely lying to the public and acting parasitically.

However, something like the New Energy Declaration is needed to help awaken people and better expose such high-level corruption, at the same time that promoting “living according to principles of goodness” – which Sterling recommends as a prerequisite for Free Energy dissemination – is also urgently needed. They work together. They’re complimentary, not opposed or mutually exclusive.

I agree with Sterling that selected smaller and Intentional Community environments are where the BE (“Breakthrough Energy”) technologies can and will first spread. But, there are a lot of decent people in our world living in grinding poverty and marginal circumstances because their governments and poobahs are corrupt, not them. These people – several billion in total, I’d say – need and deserve all but the most exotic of the liberating BE Energy & Transportation technologies.

In closing;

a) Endorse the New Energy Declaration

b) Do good, and help others do likewise


Global Warming Debate
Another One Bites the Dust

A few weeks ago, Sterling Allen interviewed a guy named Ed Grimm, who has a lot of experience working with hydrogen technologies and was formerly a NASA mechanic and engineer.  The interview clip appears below.

Ed mentions that he and others were working on an engine prototype he developed that was “brutally simple,” and runs strictly on hydroxy gas derived from water.  IE: yet another “Water Car” variant technology.  He mentions that he decided not to continue the development of this engine for fear of suffering what we might call “Classic Water Car Inventors Fate” (CWCIF?) … like, Bob Boyce (repeated break-ins), Paul Pantone (false imprisonment), Andrija Puharich (threatened by the CIA), Stan Meyer (poisoned to death after contesting a Section 181).

Here’s an excerpt from around 17 min. –

Ed: “…possibly, you’re going to end up dead. You can’t do this. They all had the same spontaneous realizations, and that tends to concern the individual who wants to be alive and have children and carry on. So, the solution has been, for the past several decades, to just work in the boosting field where, you know, you’re getting 20% better mileage, less emissions, more power.”

Sterling: “Is it 20-30% you can get away with?”

Ed: “Yeah, that seems to be the border, the operating envelope there.”

Sterling: “Just before the MiBs [“men in black”] show up.”

Ed: “Purportedly, yeah.”

Later in the interview, Ed confirms something all of us who’ve researched this field learned quickly –  with the general public is just waking to – that our wonderful taxpayer-funded Military-Industrial Complex, esp. its “Black Budget sector,” has all kinds of amazing life-enhancing technologies which they refuse to share with We the People, or even confess to having; this, while they allow our world to continue into a death-spiral of resource depletion, resource competition, economic stress, growing unemployment and poverty, etc.

Here’s an excerpt from around min. 26 –

Ed: “There’s a lot going on that the general public is not privy to, y’know, and the space program as we know it has been – the Apollo program, gave you this real nice sense of patriotism – but it really was a slow feed of technology compared to what the actual capabilities are.  There’s so much more that can be done with other modes of transportation and propulsion, other than just a simple rocket engine.  But, what they’re going to tell you has nothing to do with what’s really going on and you’ve got to take that for granted. Because, the media’s not really there to inform you, it’s there to misinform you.”

Sterling: “Yeah, a propaganda machine.”

Folks, isn’t it wonderful to be living in The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?  Just makes you feel so proud to know that “our troops” are abroad helping the Big Energy firms lock down more other-peoples-petroleum while simultaneously keeping We the People from knowing about or using the advanced Energy and Transportation technologies our world so needs, which We the People paid for.  But, heck, maybe Exxon-Mobil will donate to your town’s homeless shelter or a defense contractor will drop a dollar in your donation cup.

Oh, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!

PS: Pay no attention to that noise in the background, just Jefferson rolling in the grave.

NSA constutional issues
Resetting Moral Foundations and Creating a New Future

Just as in the days of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington, Paul Revere, the signers of The Declaration of Independence and original patriots who founded our nation, it’s time again to reset the moral foundations of our nation for the benefit of all posterity.

Recall that the founders our nation went up against the corruption of the British crown and the moral decay of royal European society. In order to create a new society based upon higher principle, they were forced to fight against the British imperial force, the power of the British Treasury and East India Company.

Today, Americans are inundated in the mainstream media by a schmaltzy “Support the Troops” rhetoric, a very highly-funded long-running slick marketing program that has developed in the post-Vietnam War period, designed to keep the public behind a vastly wasteful and out-of-control “defense sector,” driven by the profit-and-empire driven “Military-Industrial Complex” that Pres. Dwight Eisenhower warned about so many years ago.

Sorry to rain on the parade, folks, but it’s time for adult talk and reality to enter the picture.

Ask yourself, based on all you know, has there really been a single US military engagement – including and since Vietnam – that has truly benefited our nation and been sold on truthful premises? I can’t think of one.

Today, major cross-sections of American society wrap themselves in the flag while pursuing hypocritical self-serving agendas draining the treasury and national goodwill at an alarming rate.

In Revolutionary America, the Founding Fathers group was controversial. Most citizens considered themselves “good British citizens,” loyal to God and flag (the British flag). It was only after the Revolutionary War was won by Washington’s rag-tag army and the colonies began to thrive that average folk began cozying up to the Founding Fathers “revolutionaries,” who had pledged “their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor” to win important victories on behalf of all. Only once supporting their ideals had become “safe” and victory was confirmed, did it become “popular” to espouse their ideals.

So, here we are again.

Our average “defense contractor” and corporate exec wearing an American flag on the lapel would have been, in the days of Revolutionary America, a redcoat staunch supporter of royal privilege and power. Why? Because most go where the goodies are thickest then adjust the cover stories accordingly.

Here’s a backgrounder recorded by New Energy Declaration founder James Wallerstedt, Fall of 2013. Note: the camera ran out of juice at 36 minutes. Main points below the video.

Video notes

1-2 min: Recommend creating a T&R process around the historic suppression of breakthrough Energy & Transportation technologies – involving methods contravening founding principles and constitutional law – and request a presidential Executive Order declassifying vetted best-of-breed E&Ts within the Section 181 portfolio.

4-5 min: Primary reason for E&T suppression has been to keep status quo financial and political arrangements in place. Claimed “national security” logic for the UNDISCLOSED LOCKDOWN of desperately needed E&T technologies has WORKED AGAINST both “national security” and general social welfare, driving resource competition warfare, etc. However, “We the People” are not allowed to weigh in due to neglect of founding “representative democracy” principles.

6-8 min: Need for an honest transparent T&R process involving a panel comprised both of knowledgeable grassroots volunteers, activists, leaders and journalists in these areas and those who’ve formally been involved in E&T suppression. Tentative concept of a T&R commission involving “11 of us and 10 of them.”

13-15 min: Need to focus public attention on “The suppression story” and related lack of fidelity to constitutional and founding principles versus focusing solely on a drive to raise money and support for breakthrough E&T incubation (ie: “Reinventing the wheel”) both as a matter of common sense and the urgent need to “reinvent government.”

15-16 min: 1970s Stan Meyer case, inventor of amazing “water car” technology. Served by the CIA-Pentagon with a Section 181, Stan insisted on getting this technology out to benefit the people of the United States and larger world, then was poisoned to death. Another extremely important case of abused “national security law,” never disclosed to the public. Also, not the type of material that will be dealt with honestly by the recently hatched “Breakthrough Energy Coalition” (led by Bill Gates and George Soros).

16-17 min: Historic egregious abuse of constitutional principles and “national security” law requires FORENSIC INVESTIGATION by the aforementioned T&R process.

17-21 min: “Breakthrough energy” focus on need for funding and incubation deserves SECONDARY NOT PRIMARY attention. Primary attention should be on “The snake that slithers out from the bushes and swallows the Golden Eggs” repeatedly incubated. Latter-day Rome corruption, including “revolving door” and “capture the regulator” dynamics URGENTLY NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED and integrated with the overall grassroots “breakthrough energy” movement, as what’s gone sideways has its roots at this level.

23-25 min: Need for independent forensic investigators and accountants working for the T&R commission, which would regularly publish its proceedings over a primary website.

26-29 min: Clandestine reasoning for continued E&T suppression since 1951 has transitioned from “weapons threats” to “it’ll rock the boat financially.” Turns out both the “national security” and “it’ll upset the markets” arguments are specious and inverted. Both “national security” and general financial well-being WOULD IMPROVE DRAMATICALLY if selected best-of-breed RFEs had been allowed out decades ago. The “Truth Embargo” on these topics must end. Even as things like “Breakthrough Energy Coalition” are being forced forward from the “Deep State bowels,” honest grassroots efforts are needed because of the negative track record and telesis.

29-30 min: Important note: Snakes have the ability to disgorge things they’ve swallowed.

32-34 min:  RESTORATIVE JUSTICE is needed. “Punitive damages do not need to be involved at all, believe me. If you could get your arms around compensatory damages in this area, it would be so staggering that…the mind reels. Full compensatory damages with all the things that have gone sideways here…is much greater than our needs. We wouldn’t be able to digest that amount of money through a process, even of accelerated global distribution of these technologies over the next five-plus years.”

“But a partial element…an integration of that compensatory damage concept can and should fly under the banner of Restorative Justice. Capital “R,” capital “J” – RESTORATIVE JUSTICE – and this is a principle of Natural Law. This is fundamental to our genetics and to our human nature. It’s just a concept like, ‘Timeout guys, this is really unfair and wrong. It needs to be addressed.’  Creating and ratifying the US founding documents was a “Natural Law process.”

34-36 min: Fundamentals of sovereignty and governments. “The government is created by the NATURAL SOVEREIGNS. Who are the natural Sovereigns? It’s We the People. Read the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. It’s all right there.”

“The natural sovereigns who created this thing in the first place – that’s become kind of a Frankenstein, our federal government, dragging chains down the hall at midnight – we’re the natural sovereigns…We the People. It is only human beings that have this natural sovereignty that they can then lend to the structure of a government. But, when that structure of government no longer follows the founding principles at all – blatantly doesn’t follow the principles that the natural sovereigns created – it’s time for us, We the People, to say ‘Timeout.’ So, this is what this New Energy Declaration is all about.”

Joe Cell suppression
Genius and Abundance vs. Planet of the Apes

During the past eight years, I’ve been reading a private-circulation message series, involving a project based around “reincarnation research and education.” During this period, I’ve read about 26,000 pages of project transcripts.  In the process, I’ve become convinced that reincarnation’s for real and have developed insights re: identifying reincarnation examples.

Regardless of your beliefs on such topics, with the preceding as introduction, I’d like to suggest that the brilliant Australian inventor Joe – of “Joe Cell” fame, a down-to-earth, friendly, incredibly brilliant man – is, most likely, a reincarnation of Nikola Tesla.

Whether true or not, it’s clear that, like Tesla, Joe has ideas and understandings in a completely different league than existing “expert opinion” and general society.  Like Tesla, Joe is fundamentally a humanitarian.  He’s not greedy.  He’s not possessive.  His goal is neither fame nor “making a million” (though his inventions could “make a trillion”).  He simply wants to invent and see the products of his genius put to use.

But nooooo…

Here we are on Planet of the Apes – I’m referring to “common standards of behavior,” in areas where it matters most – so it turns out its impossible to give gifts of the magnitude Joe can.  They will instead be brutally sequestered.

The sector we call “Energy” remains the single most important and fundamental of the global economy.  It determines the landscape of that other juggernaut sector known as transportation, and lies at a very fundamental level vis a vis determining average quality of human life on planet Earth, the structure of poverty and scarcity versus equality and shared abundance, etc.

So, isn’t it sad that human self-centeredness, greed, apathy and cowardice continue to deprive all of us – and Mother Earth, our planetary host – of gifts those like Joe would like to offer?

Yesterday, I ran across the following two clips.  These were shot, spontaneously, in Joe’s workshop in Australia, by a man who’s been recording feedback for the benefit of the international audience interested Joe’s work.  Joe’s been harassed and threatened by a variety of shadowy individuals connected to “governments” and Big Energy.  Sadly, no institution nor public group has stepped forward to provide Joe adequate protection and support to counteract these elements.  Thus, he has discontinued all work on his more promising technologies.

These are factors the New Energy Declaration seeks to change, by developing a grassroots movement willing to support the accelerated international distribution of best-of-breed breakthrough energy technologies.

Folks, we will continue paying $4 per gallon at the pump for the fuel Joe indicates no car engine really needs, until this spiritual sea-change occurs.

The “Suzuki” Joe refers involves one of several vehicles he’s outfitted with a “Joe Cell,” leading to the vehicle then running … “without fuel” and “without spark.”  Joe has only partially explained this technology to others.  In these clips, he explains why.

Help bring about a better world by endorsing the New Energy Declaration and its proposal to create a trillion-dollar Free Energy Restorative Justice Fund.

Good News, Bad News

This morning, trolling “New Energy News” at Sterling Allen’s website, I ran across and listened to half of an interview Sterling just did with someone named Joshua Vojtisek, who’s launching an initiative he calls New Energy Industry.  I also spent a half-hour reviewing materials at their website.  A term they’re using repeatedly is “magrav technology,” explained to refer to “magnetic and gravitational technologies.”

On a “Join the Team” page on their website, there are many positions listed – volunteer positions where they’re welcoming participation.  They’re raising funds via the issue of a coin they’ve designed, which has Nikola Tesla’s image on it.  These are being sold for $19, with “founder’s upgrade” donations of $49 and $99.  A related promotional says, “The New Energy Industry is an educational media outlet that connects you to the emergent world of Magrav technology,” saying their Tesla coins, “…connect you, energetically, to all the other founder coins around the world.”

They are saying the current period is a pivotal time, involving “ending the reign of combustion technology.”  Yes, that is in process and must be accelerated.

A big question, is just what kinds of efforts and projects can most effectively accomplish that goal.  Another big question is just what will evolve next; whether humanity will continue in a somewhat-more-subtle death-grip of the overly-centralized, parasitic, war-addicted Big Energy cartel or truly enter a new global era of … Shared Prosperity and Health.

Here in California, the FCEV agenda that our state government is quietly ramping up major taxpayer funding on involves the troubling combo of:

a)  “No more combustion!” and “Zero Emissions Vehicles!” (cheers in background) alongisde…

b)  Humanity and Mother Earth continuing forward with the invisible hands of JD Rockefeller and JP Morgan’s walking Zombie Big Oil cartel around their throats.

We instead need and deserve … Free Energy, Now!

Joshua of the New Energy Industry project indicates that founder-donors will receive a CD of open-source patent information and scientific papers related to the advanced theories of Nassim Haramein and the work of the Keshe Foundation, etc.  When Sterling asks Joshua how relevant most may find this information – re: advancing the cause of getting the suppressed BEs out into circulation – Joshua admits that “99% probably won’t understand” the contents but it can become a constructive piece.

I am someone who wants to see the suppressed BEs out massively, globally – under a highly-accelerated Restorative Justice program which the New Energy Declaration is designed to create – for the benefit of all humanity, all Nature, and our magnificent and much-abused planetary host.  As such, I wish success to all working along similar lines.  I believe Josh and his collaborators are sincere and, thus, wish them success.  I feel they can and probably will make an important contribution re: raising awareness.

However, interestingly, after reviewing those materials, I decided to do my bi-monthly check of Alex Jones headlines.  There, I found an article, Two Standards of Justice: DOJ Doesn’t Punish Crime Among its Ranks, which includes this note,

The records don’t include names, but they do reveal a “startling array” of transgressions and misconduct in which DOJ officials nevertheless escaped prosecution or firing. It’s like the fox guarding the henhouse because the DOJ is responsible for prosecuting corruption in the public sector. This includes government agencies and elected officials at most levels. The records show that dozens of DOJ officials, ranging from FBI special agents and prison wardens to high-level federal prosecutors, have faced no consequences for criminal behavior or serious misconduct.


Let’s support all causes that can help take forward our urgent quest to uplift life for all on our beautiful planet by getting the long-suppressed Breakthrough Energy and Transportation technologies into circulation.  There will be no permanent peace, prosperity, health and “Shared Abundance” in our world until this happens.

But, let’s not forget that every single time a wonderful breakthrough energy Golden Egg has hatched during the past century, the same Old Snake slithers out from behind the bushes and swallows it. This has to stop, but will not stop until We the People demand it.

I am bored to death by Al Gore’s 10 Million Solar Roofs pitch.  People around our planet cannot afford this.  We all need mobility.  We will not be driving solar-powered cars.  I also do not want to pay Chevron, Texaco, BP or any of the other Big Oil Bad Boys Rogues Gallery at the pump anymore, which means I don’t want one of the “FCEVs” our world’s Big Boys are planning to roll out as the next hat trick.

Let’s adopt “Free Energy Now!” as our mantra.

Let’s advocate the creation of a … Multi-Trillion Dollar Free Energy Restorative Justice fund.

Please endorse the New Energy Declaration and help promote awareness of The BE Option.

Free Energy truth
Waking up and Smelling the New Energy Coffee

I just read an interesting article, 50 Plus MPG Cars not Allowed in the US or Canada, which indicates that people are beginning to Wake Up and smell the Coffee regarding the fact that key US federal government agencies – and the corporate Big Boys controlling them – have not permitted the wee folk (ie: We the People) to have the benefits of … Free Enterprise.

Oh, heck, Al, talk about an Inconvenient Truth!

Because … I’m thinking how much you folks like to lecture about Free Enterprise and Free Markets and the Triumph of Capitalism and all that.  And, now that I think of it there’s the issue that in a democratic Republic (as the talking heads reassure us we’ve got), citizens would be informed that their own gummint is withholding potential great improvements to human life and planetary conditions.  Then, natch, there’d be spirited discussions on the Town Square.

Presumably, our great fidelity to Founding Principles along such lines is what inspired our “ruling elite” to gift Democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan (cough, cough) where our altruistic “defense contractors,” major “energy firms” and Wall St. banksters … have been so helpful.

The Any-Day-Now high-government-official mea culpa on the fifty-plus year ruthless and suppression of needed Energy and Transportation technologies might go like this;

It’s true that JD Rockefeller and JP Morgan buried the memory of Nikola Tesla on purpose and confiscated and withheld his most important inventions, some of which held the potential to liberate humanity and Mother Earth from much needless suffering and deprivation that’s since ensued. 

It’s true that powerful elements of the US government were subsequently complicit in this heist of vast potential Free Market Benefits for humanity and Mother Earth in violation of constitutional principles, anti-trust legislation, morality and stuff like that.  Since passage of the 1951 Invention Secrecy Act, the CIA, Pentagon, Patent and Trade Office, FBI, “Department of Justice,” federal courts and the Department of Energy have all been complicit in lying to you and helping withhold certain needed energy and transportation technologies. 

This profit-and-power driven unlawful activity – true “national security” lock-downs applying only in very rarely – has caused a tremendous restriction in human progress, great human and environmental damage, needless conflict between nations and avoidable major military confrontation, etc.  However, the main cartel powers that have compelled and benefited from this long-standing situation – including the Big Oil firms, various “Defense contractors,” and a wide range of Wall St. and City of London types – now will be making amends in a big way by funding a multi-trillion dollar New Energy Restorative Justice Fund.

Okay, let’s not hold our breath.  But, it’s a vision to work toward.


Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change
New Energy Background Transcript

In the summer of 2013, I created an audio backgrounder to introduce the New Energy Declaration concepts. The audio quality was poor, but here’s the transcript.  JW

“For many different reasons – associated with the decay of our economy, ongoing in the United States, and in Europe and elsewhere and the decay of the integrity of our government – it’s becoming increasingly obvious to all that we need to Reinvent.  We need to take this opportunity to Reinvent our Society.

I want to say that this more formal Truth & Reconciliation process on the New Energy topic   would be publishing its findings on the internet on an ongoing basis.  institutions and organizations would be named that have been complicit in the suppression of the emergence of needed energy and transporation technologies; those best of breed solutions which pose no threats to any, except those repeatedly holding back human progress. There will be a public education and shaming process proceeding hand-in-hand.

As a result, much needed, healing Restorative Justice – capital “R,” capital “J” – would result, even without coercion, even without lawsuits…which, at some level, can and should occur.There have been major damages – to society, to individuals, inventors, small firms,  investors; to human society and eco-systems – as a result of this long-running suppression of needed revolutionary energy and transportation technologies. There has been unlawful behavior which, in cases, has both violation of constitutional principles and RICO statutes, homicide and violent crime statutes.  The cloak of law provided by Section 181 of the 1951 Invention Secrecy Act needs to be stripped away in some of these cases involving extreme abuse of national security laws and public trust.

In law, there’s a concept of compensatory damage.  There is a larger theme associated with compensatory damages, associated with fundamental natural law, known as Restorative Justice.  This concept goes back to all ancient societies.  It is inbuilt in our human nature, in our genetics.  It comes from the soul level of the human being, if you will.  The concept of Justice: there is a natural sense of justice within all of us.

And, there is a concept of Restorative Justice that’s a preliminary and a prerequisite to healing, reconciliation and renewed progress.  So, Restorative Justice needs to happen at some level.  Truth-telling, in turn, is prerequisite to that, so we need Truth-telling.  And so, this Truth & Reconciliation process – the basis for which has been developing informally on the internet in these areas for a decade – could become a more formalized process; yet, kept with integrity, so that it doesn’t go the way of the 9/11 Commission or the Warren Commission.

As that unfolds, I believe that a public education and a public shaming process would result in Restorative Justice whereby many who have retained unfair monopoly advantages for a long time in the Big Energy sector – who’ve accumulated billions or trillions via unfair privilege – will step forward and say, “I’m willing to help. I will help fund the accelerated national and international distribution of these technologies because I realize that must happen now to make a more secure and better world.  This can be an atoning act on our part.  It can help us and you move forward.”

There are other possibilities. Some speak of NESARA genre and “Global Collateral” funds that might provide funding for the large-scale Global Renaissance Program I’ve been advocating for years, of which New Energy should be one of its primary planks, the others being New Health and New Earth.

Our group would identify up to a half-dozen best-of-breed commercially-ready breakthrough energy technologies that can be released safely – that have no added significant weapons potential; that can be phased and targeted regarding distribution nationally and internationally; that can benefit from the Restorative Justice processes mentioned – to help get going a much larger version of FDR’s 1930s WPA; the Works Program Administration that created so much American infrastructure of roads, bridges, hospitals and public service projects; that led to the prosperity of the United States during the 1950s, 60s, etc.

What our world needs now should involve a much larger plan than FDR’s WPA, because it should be fully international in scope and dovetail with rewriting American foreign policy greatly for the better.  There would be other planks besides New Energy, too, such New Health.  The national and international components of this program would be much larger in scope than FDR’s WPA and the Marshall Plan for Europe combined.  We would take a significant percentage of the US and the NATO military forces and dramatically repurpose them.  Conventional defense budgets need immediately to be cut by more than 50%.

Much of the original enabling US “National Security legislation” of the late 40s and early 50s is way past its expiration date and must go.  Again, we now have either Crisis or Opportunity to Reinvent, and I want to stress the latter.  New Energy T&R processes will assist We the People to recognize great new opportunities for reinvention and for moving forward.

We do not need 18 US federal “intelligence agencies,” tripping all over themselves as well as our Bill of Rights and Constitution, while sucking the Treasury dry.  It has been extremely harmful to our democracy to have developed so many layers of “official secrecy” in government – directly contradicting Founding Principles regarding government transparency and the flow of information to We the People – which needs to be addressed broadly.  Again, it’s time to Reinvent.

During and on the heels of the New Energy T&R process, a few other such processes are needed. Here, I will just mention one other important one. We need to comprehensively address the central banking-Fed topic. New organizations to be formed and funded, legislation stricken down and effectively repealed, due to its unconstitutional nature. Even if, as in the case of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, it’s been on the books a century; even if, as in the case of the 1949 CIA Act and the 1951 Invention Secrecy, they’ve been on the books half a century.  Again, it’s time to Reinvent.

We will get young people and people of all ages from American society involved with the new domestic program, the WPA counterpart, which will include a New Energy, New Health and New Earth plank.  The international counterpart will be a transitioning mechanism for our military forces and structures and the booting up of a new far more constructive foreign policy.  All of this means dramatically strengthening the global and the US economy, building new manufacturing strengths, new professional and skills base, and building new bridges of cooperation, friendship and healthy infrastructure internationally. It’s time to get going on this project.


Greenhouse Gases Carbon Taxes
Smart Meters – Told ya So

Alex Jones’ website published an excellent article on Sept. 30, on the so-called global “Smart Meters” agenda, Power Takeover: What’s Wrong with ‘Smart’ Meters?  It’s a superb article.  Will include excerpts, below.

I get to do a little victory dance and might add a dash of tequila to my orange juice this morning, because I can say I beat Alex to the punch with a post I made to this website on Sept. 16th, Smart Meters and George Orwell, making the same points.  The article also centers around promoting the recently-released documentary on these topics, Take Back Your Power.

The sociopaths that’ve been running so many negative agendas from high levels in our world are finally being exposed, a bit at a time.  Their attempts to continue to paint all Truth-telling as “Conspiracy Theory” isn’t working so well any more.  At long last, “the masses” are finally beginning to wake up and smell the coffee.  It’s still too-little-too-late, but at least, moving in the right direction.

There’s Nothing Good about the so-called Smart Meters agenda, but Plenty Bad and Deceptive.  It’s yet another agenda all based on lies and sociopathic goals; same as with Chemtrails, same as the demonic Monsanto agenda, same as the Endless Wars via False Flags agenda, same as with “the Cancer industry,” same as the Fed-Banksters crime syndicate.  All part of the Dark Cabal Express to our Prison Planet Tomorrow, a show that only We the People can cancel – if, but only if, there are enough who are awakened and have integrity. infowars

It’s past time for the Global Lymphatic System to kick in and clean out so much high-level  widespread criminality, really, and for our Global Immune System to finish off much of that still running.  Then and only then, we can get onto building the New-and-Improved.

I liked that this article mentioned 5,000 patents that have been “secretized.”  The author is alluding to  revolutionary energy and transportation technologies the CIA, Pentagon, PTO and their Big Energy cabal travelling companions have been preventing We the People from even knowing about much less benefiting from.  However, InfoWars got the number wrong.  There are 5,000+ patents in the entire Section 181 portfolio, several hundred of which relate to locked down Energy and Transportation technologies that could be released.  These are topics I’ve been helping the public understand for a decade, via a now mothballed website ( and

Here are excerpts from the Sept. 30 “Smart Meters” article –

Ostensible reasons for “smart grid” technology:

a) to save energy and thus aid the environment;
b) to increase power reliability; and
c) to give you more control of energy use in your own home.

It is now easily demonstrated that all three of these claims are patently false. ”Smart” meters and grids typically use more energy, they are extremely hackable (making the entire power grid vulnerable), and customers suffer increased utility bills virtually across the board immediately following a “smart” meter installation – a fact even acknowledged now by some utilities.

In the words of Dr. Timothy Schoechle, a leading digital technology engineer and author of Getting Smarter About The Smart Grid, “The smart meter is a canard—a story or a hoax based on specious and grandiose claims about energy benefits ostensibly derived from the promise of “two-way” communication with the customer…  There is essentially no possibility that most smart meters or meter networks will lead to greater sustainability.”

Tens of thousands of individuals are reporting officially, to governments and utilities, that they are experiencing illness or functional impairments following the installation of “smart” meters. Reported symptoms include headaches, sleep problems, ear ringing, focus difficulties, fatigue, heart palpitations, nausea and statistically abnormal recurrences of cancer. According to court-ordered documentation, and independent testing, utilities have been proven to be lying about how often “smart” meters transmit bursts of microwave radiation.  Depending on the utility their claim is typically something like “4-6 times per day” (Pepco), or “45-60 seconds per day” (PG&E) whereas courts and independent testing reveal that meters are transmitting in the range of 10,000 to 190,000 pulsed microwave transmissions per day.  The amount of transmitted microwave radiation has been measured up to 200 times greater (if one is standing next to the meter) than the Building Biology standard threshold for “extreme concern.”

As stated by Dr. De-Kun Li, a respected Kaiser Permanente scientist whom I interviewed, utilities and industry simply haven’t done any studies to show that “smart” meters are safe. Not one. In this complete void of responsibility or conscience, independent research is now starting to clearly show negative biological effects. One such example is demonstrated in our film – the effects of a single “smart” meter on live human blood – and the visual results are staggering, to say the least.

Additionally, by many reports there are now well over a thousand home fires linked to “smart” meters, and tens of thousands have experienced other appliance breakages in their home.  But it gets worse.  Utilities and public utilities commissions (such as California’s PUC) are actually encouraging the sale of…private data – everything you do in your own home – to 3rd-party corporate interests, for a profit.

High stakes, big opportunity

What’s at stake is nothing less than our basic rights to life, health, choice and freedom itself.  When finally understood, this situation is a crisis, but it is also a truly momentous opportunity to claim power back into the hands of the people, by decentralizing energy production within the community, and vetoing the old dinosaurs of leechlike extraction.  The insanity of these systems is becoming evident, no matter how well-trained the oligarchy’s PR department.

What helps to make sense of this whole thing, is coming to the understanding that governments have become corporate puppets and have been systematically suppressing any tangible solution for decades. The Federation of American Scientists acknowledges that more than 5,000 technology patent applications have been “secretized.” And the US Patent Office actually has a publicly-visible internal law for the suppression of inventions. With 6 of the 7 world’s richest companies in the oil/gas/energy industry, should it be surprising that corporate governments have (in Spain) actually passed laws to prohibit the “illegal use of sunlight for energy generation,” setting a fine of $30M Euros for violating homeowners?

The fact is, in order for human civilization to make it through this time of terrible corruption – and to realize a world of decentralized power and restoration of rights to health, privacy and life itself – we are now required to transition to higher awareness of our situation.  We are being asked to confront our existential fear of authority; to go through the proverbial eye of the needle. This requires a realization of the tremendous magnitude of fraud that has been perpetrated by the corporate-government power centers – and then a willingness to take a stand and move our innate Creative force through this awareness.


The Real Global Warming Story

Here’s a screenshot of a website which was online from 2006 until 2013 which, for many years, had the internet’s largest collection of Section 181 materials; information about the suppression of breakthrough Energy & Transportation technologies via the clandestine (“classified”) application of Section 181, Title 35 of the 1951 US Invention Secrecy Act. I created and maintained this website as a public service.

Revolutionary Energy Technologies

I recorded and posted an audio to this website in 2008, titled Free Energy Truth.  It mentioned Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” information.  At this point, my assumption was that “Global Warming” was principally due to “greenhouse gases” associated with fossil fuels.  Since, I have come to suspect that the main cause of Climate Change likely associates with a 13,000 year cycle, involving an energetic alignment with the “Central Sun” of our galaxy. This is reflected in the geological record in the form of evidence of major flooding and droughts and other phenomena reflecting “pole shifts.” In our era, it would associate with the unprecedented solar flares being observed and increased heat and luminosity on other planets in our solar system.

I think it’s likely that the main purpose of the current meme being pushed so hard, “Global Warming is being caused by CO2,” is to set up public acceptance for … a new regime of permanent, onerous, intrusive and expensive global “carbon taxes,” administered by national governments on the part of the UN’s leadership and Agenda 21. Just my best educated guess to

Meanwhile, a huge number of good-hearted people around the globe are now convinced that CO2 is the primary driver of “Global Warming” phenomenon and that, as the saying goes, “Something must be done!” Or, we might say, “Urgently, something must be done.”

Okay, let’s use some smarts. Let’s accept that CO2 is responsible for all Global Warming and Climate Change. It is thus imperative that we totally eliminate fossil fuels ASAP. At the same time, we know nuclear fission is too dangerous for use on planet Earth and is thus out.


Let’s hit the piñata with a stick and break out the vast range of fantastic Breakthrough Energy & Transportation technologies, developed and/or sequestered at taxpayer expense and unlawfully withheld from us. Sign the New Energy Declaration and pass it on!

Thrive Movement – New Energy Declaration notes

I just sent a message to Foster Gamble, Producer-Director of the acclaimed documentary, Thrive, on New Energy Declaration topics. We have been in contact on “breakthrough energy” topics since 2008, when we were introduced by email by someone acquainted with Foster’s work.

At that time, my website had a large collection of online information related to Section 181 Invention Secrecy Act issues. This topic was centrally included in the Thrive documentary, which was released in late 2011, and is something now becoming better understood among the public.  However, awareness of the vast range of suppressed E&T technologies remains little-known and is contributing to ongoing social, economic and environmental meltdown.

If you’ve not yet watched the Thrive documentary, please visit their website and do so.  There are also a lot of great resources there re: getting involved.

Here’s an interested note I recently got about New Energy Declaration, from someone who’s compiled suppression case studies for the project –

“Technology suppression has become a way of life for the big guys. One of the uses to which NSA has been applying its over-arching surveillance programs is to help the rich fat bastards who control the planet keep guys like us, who really solve problems (which they are mostly guilty of creating and exploiting by perpetuation) off the playing field.  The Internet may actually be the vehicle that will save us because it enables us to disclose information to almost everyone any time we choose.  It’s not governable and it’s not yet controllable, so we still have a window of opportunity to work with.  Your declaration must become a part of the process – declarations are useful and important because they give people a way to focus on specifics.  We’re so amped out by the endless stream of outrageous news coverage and advertising content that we’re going brain dead as a way to insulate ourselves from the relentless imposition of useless information on our awareness.”

Sad but true.  Please help spread the word about humanity’s true E&T alternatives.

Thrive Movement

Awakening Average Folk to Inconvenient Truths

I’m having fun these days, living in a beautiful seaside location in Baja California, near Cabo San Lucas.  I’ve been fortunate to meet some truly wonderful people in the neighborhood here, including “Jack.”

Jack and his wife have a beautiful home on a secluded section of beach.  But, Jack is also a worldly type.  A graduate of the Thunderbird MBA program, he and his wife have lived all over the world.  He’s been working in the oil business for decades.  Now in his 60s, Jack is an intelligent and thoughtful type.

Last night, taking my evening walk on the beach, I ran into him, taking an ocean swim now that the water’s warmed up.  We had a beer on his porch after sunset and discussing international and metaphysical topics.  As I reviewed my “New Energy project history,” Jack said he couldn’t believe there really has been organized suppression of needed energy and transportation technologies.  “I mean, wouldn’t they also want to see a better world?” …

This is one of the big hurdles we face; trying to get people to see that the reality they’ve believed in for so long is not based on the kind of bedrock they presume.  We also discussed how common “Willful Ignorance” is. Willful Ignorance is when people decide to throw important topics into the “conspiracy theory” bin because they’re uncomfortable with the implications. The problem is that The Show is heading over a cliff, right now.  This is a message I just sent Jack, following up on our conversation yesterday.


Jack –

Don’t recall if I’ve mentioned the address where I’ve posted my “online New Energy resources.” I met Brian O’Leary in January of ’04.  At the time, I was living and working in Costa Rica. You can watch Brian’s Thrive cameo, which I mentioned yesterday, here.  It turned out well.

Adam Trombly is an inventor that was also interviewed for Thrive.  In the late 80s, he invented and demonstrated a commercially viable “revolutionary free energy” electrical generator that could be used to power any home off-grid, and possibly be used as a power source for electrical vehicles.  Certainly, it would power many commercial and agricultural applications as well. This is a fuel-less device associated with the nMachine developed by Bruce dePalma that was also suppressed from market entry, which was developed around concepts pioneered by Michael Faraday (his “homopolar generator”).

As with over a hundred similar cases our volunteer network has documented, Adam was shut down by the main “control group” that monitors “New Energy” developments, globally, and takes out anything that appears to be clearing final hurdles toward large-scale distribution.  Adam finally gave up trying to get his technology disseminated due to serious threats on his life, uncompensated confiscation of his equipment and loss of all his financial assets by US government agencies and such – another sad story in this field.

Adam’s Thrive cameos are here and here.

We’ve documented over 50 such stories that the media says nothing about nor our government, and the public remains clueless about.  Sad, as we enter one “Oil War” after another and the incomes of individuals and nations are being drained by our extremely corrupt “Military-Industrial” (energy, media, etc) sectors, who’s co-opted our government.

I also mentioned Dr. Greer, saying he’s had substantial experience with these “control groups” in the US and internationally.  Here’s his one-minute explanation of these dynamics, in Thrive.

While some of the Tesla-class technologies are so powerful that there are aspects of their dissemination that “deserve consideration” re: legitimate security issues, overwhelmingly, since the days of Tesla and JP Morgan, suppression has simply been about maintaining a dramatically over-expensive and dysfunctional global Energy sector because of the power, control and profits involved. 

In many cases – like the Puharich-Pantone-Meyers type “water car” (ie: advanced electrolysis) technologies, all of which were shut down – it’s clear the suppression, with the complicity of high-level US federal agency actors, is just about maintaining the status quo Big Energy arrangements which, unfortunately, are really harming society and the environment.

Anyway please stop by again.  I enjoyed the chat and I’ve always got tequila, margarita mix and a few cold Pacificos handy.  Or, might see you on the beach, soon.  I usually take the ATV down the south route around sunset.