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Foster Gamble Thrive 2013 Breakthrough Energy Presentation

Foster Gamble – who, with his wife Kimberly – manages the Thrive Movement project, has provided extraordinary leadership and assistance to the overall New Energy or Breakthrough Energy field for over a decade.

The Thrive documentary – which can be watched free via Thrive’s website – has been seen by over 50 million people. Thrive’s goal is to spark discussion, activism and leadership involving wholistic solutions to the greatest challenges of our world, toward creating a world of greater health, justice and “shared abundance” for all. They’ve divided their project into 12 major sectors, represented by the graphic below.Thrive Movement sectors

Below, there’s a link to an excellent presentation Foster gave at a 2013 Breakthrough Energy Movement conference. I’ve outlined its segments. Watching just the highlighted segments provides an excellent introduction to the history, suppression and potential of the Breakthrough Energy solutions and involves just a tad over 20 minutes.

First, some related historic background. Most do not know that the CIA, as a matter of undisclosed official policy, has been covering up key information – and spreading related disinformation – both on the ET and “revolutionary free energy” topics since its inception.

It is now understood among researchers – look up Michael Salla and Richard Dolan’s reports on this – that Harry Truman authorized a highly-classifed “ET special studies group”  code-named Majestic-12, via a one-page memo to his Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, in late 1947. A facsimile of that document appears below. This was an outgrowth of the Roswell incident (the NSA was founded at the same time). For two days, Roswell was reported as a crashed ET craft, with accompanying photos. Then, the cover story was changed to a “downed weather balloon,” the ET craft wreckage and evidence quietly spirited away to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio.Truman Majestic 12 memo

Wright-Patterson was not deemed adequately secure by the CIA, who quickly took over control of MJ-12. They and peers in the Pentagon and “aerospace” negotiated to establish a highly-secure isolated area to study downed ET craft and reverse-engineer related high technologies, including “revolutionary free energy” and electrogravitics (aka: anti-gravity). This created the Area 51 and Papoose Lake sites near Nellis AFB.

James Forrestal – Truman’s Secretary of Defense and the founding MJ-12 member – believed that constitutional and Bill of Rights principles required that the American people be told the basic outlines of the Roswell incident, and that it was wrong to lie about it so blatantly.James Forrestal

The “official story” was that he committed suicide by jumping from his room at Walter Reed hospital. Evidence points to him having been assassinated after insisting, against the wishes of other powerful MJ-12 members, on a “limited disclosure policy.” Dwight Eisenhower’s “farewell speech” warnings about the Military-Industrial complex and JFK’s assassination also have Majestic-12 related threads.

I mention these facts as preface to introducing the following 2013 Foster Gamble presentation to help people understand just how deep and long the history of public deception and suppression runs. Foster touches on many themes, but in terms of understanding the history, suppression and importance of the Breakthrough Energy solutions, you can view just the P5, P7 and P11 segments below and get an excellent picture. That involves just a tad over 20 minutes.

2013 Foster Gamble Breakthrough Energy Movement presentation

P1, 1-13 mins,  Introductory remarks
P2 13-21 mins,  Breakthrough Energy science fundamentals
P3 21-30 mins,  Breakthrough Energy history & overall importance
P4 30-47 mins,  Breakthrough Energy and metaphysics
P5 47-52 mins,  Breakthrough Energy suppression history
P6 52-55 mins,  Related major socio-political problems
P7 55-1:01 mins,  Global financial & political control structure
P8 1:01-1:17 mins,  Thrive Movement overview & objectives
P9 1:17-1:20 mins,  Non-aggression as the “Universal morality principle”
P10 1:20-1:25 mins,  Thrive multi-sector solutions and activism
P11 1:25-1:37 mins,  Recommended Breakthrough Energy distribution strategies
P12 1:37-1:41 mins,  Closing remarks

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