Gasoline Prices and Poverty

Corrupt: The Global Oil Sector

“Fracking” is but the latest insult to all that is decent by the indecently corrupt global Big Oil sector. From the days of robber baron JD Rockefeller until today, the history of the global oil sector has been…government corruption, oil wars, environmental destruction, predatory practices and artificially induced mass human poverty and resource competition.

The whole theme of the New Energy Declaration is that it’s way past time for all this to stop.

Especially, those sworn to “Defend and protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” have a long overdue duty to address the flagrant violations of US founding principles involved in “national security” secrecy abuses associated with the lockdown of desperately needed clean revolutionary energy and transportation technologies, associated with the CIA’s historic and ongoing abuse of Section 181, Title 35 of the 1951 Invention Secrecy Act.

Rocking the boat re: possibly “upsetting markets” or the “geopolitical balance of power” are NOT valid reasons to clandestinely keep these desperately needed E&T technologies under lock and key – as has been the case for decades – while our world melts down amid serious global environmental and “shared scarcity” tensions. And, while trillions in US taxpayer funds continue flowing to unconstitutional “black budget” projects using these very technologies that the public should have been benefiting from since long ago.

This article in the LA Times covers protests in Mexico against gasoline hikes there last week. Already paying more per gallon than in the US – on wages less than 1/3rd those in the United States – the entire Mexican population is being hit up by their own wing of the corrupt global Big Oil franchise (Pemex et al) to raise more government funds, while net wealth should be flowing in the opposite direction. The same story can be told in nation after nation across the planet.

It’s long past time for this madness to end!

Sign the New Energy Declaration, circulate it among family, friends, major media and others. Call your senator. Call the White House. Make your voice heard. We want Truth & Reconciliation. And, we want and need Restorative Justice funds for a New Energy plank to a Global Renaissance Plan.

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