Joel Garbon on George Noory

Joel Garbon on Coast to Coast

New Energy Declaration Founding Signatory Joel Garbon was interviewed by George Noory on the popular late-night Coast to Coast radio program in May of 2016 and, as usual, did a fantastic job as spokesperson for the global “New Energy movement.”

We have sometimes privately joked that Joel is “the Mr. Rogers” of our band of good-hearted volunteers trying to help bring liberating Energy & Transportation technologies out, because he has a way of explaining things and approaching topics that – while sophisticated and accurate – has heavy doses of “the spiritual side of things.” Joel does a good job of explaining the positions of some of the darker heavy-handed suppression elements, as associated with their levels of “separation consciousness,” fear and hoarding instincts.

While the New Energy Declaration has somewhat a different spirit, we recognize that Joel’s approach is an extremely valuable and needed form of leadership, one that tends to bring people together around the cause versus intimidating them. Happily, Joel also supports the New Energy Declaration principles and is one of our Founding Signatories. We are all working toward the same end goals.

Listen to this excellent one-hour interview Joel gave Coast to Coast in May, 2016.

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