“Smart Meters” Interview w/ Josh del Sol

This week, Sterling Allen interviewed Josh del Sol.  Josh is the producer-director of a must-see documentary on the bogus, criminal, so-called “smart meter” “smart grid” agenda … which our world’s main international sociopathic Usual Suspects Network is rolling out on a largely clueless and sleepy public (on the taxpayer’s dime, as usual; hold on for photovoltaics on the roadways and other planned swindles in the pipeline).

However, if Josh del Sol has anything to do with things – and he does, big-time – the public isn’t going to remain clueless about this one much longer.  Yes, I know, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”  Still – as with the New Energy Declaration – I remain an optimist; optimistic that enough will awaken and “get active” to allow us to go down that Fork in the Road leading to a Golden Age … versus, yeah, the Hunger Games, Water World path.

Here’s a link to a Smart Meters Extortion writeup with the interview just mentioned.

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