The Contrived Renewable Energy Debate

Just sent the following to an individual I’ve been in contact with for years, who has a large international following. I’m wanting to convince him to become a New Energy Declaration “Founding Signatory” –

It’s extremely difficult to get attention for the Breakthrough Energy topic because the global money system remains controlled by the usual suspects.  They are continuing to divert huge sums from the public treasuries and Big Energy coffers toward their artificially truncated “renewable energy solutions” roster, intentionally eliminating the breakthrough E&T options that humanity and Mother Earth desperately need to transition from the intended Shared Scarcity scenarios to sustainable Shared Abundance.

The current trajectory is dysfunctional at best. I characterize it as seriously criminal, given the grave humanitarian tradeoffs associated with all options currently on the table and the awareness of the suppressed solutions on the part of those doing the high-level “social engineering.” And, this is supposedly a government “Of, by and for the people” with the intention that the public would be aware of critical issues and options. Within our “intelligence agency” networks and the Big Energy firms, at NASA, DoE and the major aerospace firms, there is widespread awareness of a dozen fantastic breakthrough E&T technologies not permitted out.  These are at work daily in the classified NASA programs, in underground bases and in various private and “classified” facilities. Many of these technologies have been developed at taxpayer expense.

The “global warming” and environmental debates must not continue to be detached from the huge implications for continued artificially lowered average human quality-of-life and living standards, here and abroad.

What’s transpiring now is disinformation masquerading as sincere debate. As Take Back Your Power and other resources reflect, it’s all being artificially driving toward new layers of UN and national government administered permanent carbon taxes and escalating micro-metered energy. All needless. All would be irrelevant if honor would simply prevail. Humanity cannot afford this continued developing Have Have-not gaps. We must break the locked down Breakthrough Energy technologies out of their current status and restore integrity to government. My hope is that the New Energy Declaration campaign can help mainstream awareness of these important topics.

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