Citizenship Responsibilities and the New Energy Declaration

A few days ago, end of the day, decided I wanted to address “my fellow Americans” on the topic of “citizenship responsibilities.”  The following clip resulted.

It was shot as the sun was setting – noticeable as the clip proceeds – an apt metaphor for our nation, as our national government has been taken over by liars, criminals, con men and fake patriots for, now, a long-time running.

Time to put some Real Patriots back in office, Boys and Girls.  And, way past time for people in this self-proclaimed “land of the free and home of the brave” to finally have the backbone to stand up for principle and honor and put many things to right gone sideways.

Either that, or George Orwell is really going to end up looking like a genius.

Motivated to “Do something?”

a)  Endorse the New Energy Declaration.

b)  Hit the Donate button.

c)  Circulate this website to others and ask them to do likewise.

d)  Carry forward your own initiatives to help set our world to rights!



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