We the People vs. Our Own Government?

In communicating with one of the “Founding Signatories” of the New Energy Declaration, last year, this is something he said by email. My own decades of research into these topics confirms the gist of what he’s saying. The New Energy Declaration is an important grassroots initiative, folks. It’s time to reset moral foundations –

“Technology suppression has become a way of life for the big guys. One of the uses to which NSA has been applying its over-arching surveillance programs is to help the rich fat bastards who control the planet keep guys like us, who really solve problems (which they are mostly guilty of creating and exploiting by perpetuation) off the playing field. The Internet may actually be the vehicle that will save us because it enables us to disclose information to almost everyone any time we choose. It’s not governable and it’s not yet controllable, so we still have a window of opportunity to work with. Your declaration must become a part of the process – declarations are useful and important because they give people a way to focus on specifics.”

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