“Free Energy Now,” Agree and Disagree

I’ve been reading Sterling Allen’s reporting on “Free Energy” topics for years and recommending his work to others.  I’ve also encouraged others to donate to support his activities and have made modest donations, myself. His reporting has been vitally important in spreading awareness of the BE (Breakthrough Energy) topics.

Last summer, I made an effort to get Sterling to ratify the New Energy Declaration and he declined, saying he felt that the main impediments to dissemination of revolutionary energy technologies had mainly to do with inventors “shooting themselves in the foot.” I, certainly, see the suppression factors as being far more influential.

This morning, I just read this article, which Sterling posted recently to one of his websites. It centers on the suppression topic, with Sterling’s interpretation focussing on more subtle – higher-dimensional, we might say – aspects of the suppression equation. Here’s an excerpt;

If you have a disruptive technology and you try to roll it out to the planet in general as it presently exists, then the corrupt powers that be are not going to be the only ones who will be holding you back. The angels of God will likewise be restraining things in the ways they are able: such as withholding inspiration from people who rely on inspiration before they act. In fact, I would argue that the angels are better blockers than the men in black, who are merely a reflection of the corruption of society that is not yet deserving of these technologies and the freedom they embody.So, to conclude, you who have disruptive energy technologies do have a customer base — the awakened remnant. Green light there. But if you try to roll out your technology to the general public, don’t be surprised if you are met by continual disappointments and obstacles. There is still a red light from God there that will stop your progress no matter how hard you try.

So my advice would be, if you want to speed the time that the general public can benefit from your technology, then help wake them up and inspire them to turn to God. Otherwise, you’re working against the principle of “sin leads to captivity”. If you want people to be free, which free energy technologies embody and engender, then they need to live according to the principles that are consistent with freedom: namely goodness.

Sterling tends to interpret major events in terms of biblical prophecy and is open in saying so. I agree with the general premise he’s expressing, that the problem in getting the liberating E&T technologies out to humanity does not just involve the corrupt powers apex powers – actors at high levels in the corporate and governmental organigrams. The larger backdrop is that so many in our societies are complicit in negative agendas, in terms of the organizations they work for and what their careers and activities are really all about.

There are both the “sins of omission” and “sins of commission” involved. Of the former type, there’s a very widespread phenomenon I refer to as “willful ignorance.” So, for example, you won’t look into what was really behind these disastrous invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan – or “9/11 Truth” – because you work for a “defense contractor” or the military, and would really rather not know. Or, you work for a Big Pharma firm and would rather not confront disturbing facts regarding your company’s vaccines and other products. Or, you work for Big Energy and would rather not know about the “black-shelving” activities of the guy in the corner office.  Get the idea? Also, where you know you could help by volunteering or donating to help someone addressing such things … you fail to.

For such reasons, I agree with Sterling’s analysis that our societies, by and large, have gotten the world they’ve deserved; including apex-level corruption in our federal government and corporotacry, which is very latter-day Rome, and is routinely lying to the public and acting parasitically.

However, something like the New Energy Declaration is needed to help awaken people and better expose such high-level corruption, at the same time that promoting “living according to principles of goodness” – which Sterling recommends as a prerequisite for Free Energy dissemination – is also urgently needed. They work together. They’re complimentary, not opposed or mutually exclusive.

I agree with Sterling that selected smaller and Intentional Community environments are where the BE (“Breakthrough Energy”) technologies can and will first spread. But, there are a lot of decent people in our world living in grinding poverty and marginal circumstances because their governments and poobahs are corrupt, not them. These people – several billion in total, I’d say – need and deserve all but the most exotic of the liberating BE Energy & Transportation technologies.

In closing;

a) Endorse the New Energy Declaration

b) Do good, and help others do likewise


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