Global Warming Debate

Another One Bites the Dust

A few weeks ago, Sterling Allen interviewed a guy named Ed Grimm, who has a lot of experience working with hydrogen technologies and was formerly a NASA mechanic and engineer.  The interview clip appears below.

Ed mentions that he and others were working on an engine prototype he developed that was “brutally simple,” and runs strictly on hydroxy gas derived from water.  IE: yet another “Water Car” variant technology.  He mentions that he decided not to continue the development of this engine for fear of suffering what we might call “Classic Water Car Inventors Fate” (CWCIF?) … like, Bob Boyce (repeated break-ins), Paul Pantone (false imprisonment), Andrija Puharich (threatened by the CIA), Stan Meyer (poisoned to death after contesting a Section 181).

Here’s an excerpt from around 17 min. –

Ed: “…possibly, you’re going to end up dead. You can’t do this. They all had the same spontaneous realizations, and that tends to concern the individual who wants to be alive and have children and carry on. So, the solution has been, for the past several decades, to just work in the boosting field where, you know, you’re getting 20% better mileage, less emissions, more power.”

Sterling: “Is it 20-30% you can get away with?”

Ed: “Yeah, that seems to be the border, the operating envelope there.”

Sterling: “Just before the MiBs [“men in black”] show up.”

Ed: “Purportedly, yeah.”

Later in the interview, Ed confirms something all of us who’ve researched this field learned quickly –  with the general public is just waking to – that our wonderful taxpayer-funded Military-Industrial Complex, esp. its “Black Budget sector,” has all kinds of amazing life-enhancing technologies which they refuse to share with We the People, or even confess to having; this, while they allow our world to continue into a death-spiral of resource depletion, resource competition, economic stress, growing unemployment and poverty, etc.

Here’s an excerpt from around min. 26 –

Ed: “There’s a lot going on that the general public is not privy to, y’know, and the space program as we know it has been – the Apollo program, gave you this real nice sense of patriotism – but it really was a slow feed of technology compared to what the actual capabilities are.  There’s so much more that can be done with other modes of transportation and propulsion, other than just a simple rocket engine.  But, what they’re going to tell you has nothing to do with what’s really going on and you’ve got to take that for granted. Because, the media’s not really there to inform you, it’s there to misinform you.”

Sterling: “Yeah, a propaganda machine.”

Folks, isn’t it wonderful to be living in The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?  Just makes you feel so proud to know that “our troops” are abroad helping the Big Energy firms lock down more other-peoples-petroleum while simultaneously keeping We the People from knowing about or using the advanced Energy and Transportation technologies our world so needs, which We the People paid for.  But, heck, maybe Exxon-Mobil will donate to your town’s homeless shelter or a defense contractor will drop a dollar in your donation cup.

Oh, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!

PS: Pay no attention to that noise in the background, just Jefferson rolling in the grave.

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