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Resetting Moral Foundations and Creating a New Future

Just as in the days of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington, Paul Revere, the signers of The Declaration of Independence and original patriots who founded our nation, it’s time again to reset the moral foundations of our nation for the benefit of all posterity.

Recall that the founders our nation went up against the corruption of the British crown and the moral decay of royal European society. In order to create a new society based upon higher principle, they were forced to fight against the British imperial force, the power of the British Treasury and East India Company.

Today, Americans are inundated in the mainstream media by a schmaltzy “Support the Troops” rhetoric, a very highly-funded long-running slick marketing program that has developed in the post-Vietnam War period, designed to keep the public behind a vastly wasteful and out-of-control “defense sector,” driven by the profit-and-empire driven “Military-Industrial Complex” that Pres. Dwight Eisenhower warned about so many years ago.

Sorry to rain on the parade, folks, but it’s time for adult talk and reality to enter the picture.

Ask yourself, based on all you know, has there really been a single US military engagement – including and since Vietnam – that has truly benefited our nation and been sold on truthful premises? I can’t think of one.

Today, major cross-sections of American society wrap themselves in the flag while pursuing hypocritical self-serving agendas draining the treasury and national goodwill at an alarming rate.

In Revolutionary America, the Founding Fathers group was controversial. Most citizens considered themselves “good British citizens,” loyal to God and flag (the British flag). It was only after the Revolutionary War was won by Washington’s rag-tag army and the colonies began to thrive that average folk began cozying up to the Founding Fathers “revolutionaries,” who had pledged “their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor” to win important victories on behalf of all. Only once supporting their ideals had become “safe” and victory was confirmed, did it become “popular” to espouse their ideals.

So, here we are again.

Our average “defense contractor” and corporate exec wearing an American flag on the lapel would have been, in the days of Revolutionary America, a redcoat staunch supporter of royal privilege and power. Why? Because most go where the goodies are thickest then adjust the cover stories accordingly.

Here’s a backgrounder recorded by New Energy Declaration founder James Wallerstedt, Fall of 2013. Note: the camera ran out of juice at 36 minutes. Main points below the video.

Video notes

1-2 min: Recommend creating a T&R process around the historic suppression of breakthrough Energy & Transportation technologies – involving methods contravening founding principles and constitutional law – and request a presidential Executive Order declassifying vetted best-of-breed E&Ts within the Section 181 portfolio.

4-5 min: Primary reason for E&T suppression has been to keep status quo financial and political arrangements in place. Claimed “national security” logic for the UNDISCLOSED LOCKDOWN of desperately needed E&T technologies has WORKED AGAINST both “national security” and general social welfare, driving resource competition warfare, etc. However, “We the People” are not allowed to weigh in due to neglect of founding “representative democracy” principles.

6-8 min: Need for an honest transparent T&R process involving a panel comprised both of knowledgeable grassroots volunteers, activists, leaders and journalists in these areas and those who’ve formally been involved in E&T suppression. Tentative concept of a T&R commission involving “11 of us and 10 of them.”

13-15 min: Need to focus public attention on “The suppression story” and related lack of fidelity to constitutional and founding principles versus focusing solely on a drive to raise money and support for breakthrough E&T incubation (ie: “Reinventing the wheel”) both as a matter of common sense and the urgent need to “reinvent government.”

15-16 min: 1970s Stan Meyer case, inventor of amazing “water car” technology. Served by the CIA-Pentagon with a Section 181, Stan insisted on getting this technology out to benefit the people of the United States and larger world, then was poisoned to death. Another extremely important case of abused “national security law,” never disclosed to the public. Also, not the type of material that will be dealt with honestly by the recently hatched “Breakthrough Energy Coalition” (led by Bill Gates and George Soros).

16-17 min: Historic egregious abuse of constitutional principles and “national security” law requires FORENSIC INVESTIGATION by the aforementioned T&R process.

17-21 min: “Breakthrough energy” focus on need for funding and incubation deserves SECONDARY NOT PRIMARY attention. Primary attention should be on “The snake that slithers out from the bushes and swallows the Golden Eggs” repeatedly incubated. Latter-day Rome corruption, including “revolving door” and “capture the regulator” dynamics URGENTLY NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED and integrated with the overall grassroots “breakthrough energy” movement, as what’s gone sideways has its roots at this level.

23-25 min: Need for independent forensic investigators and accountants working for the T&R commission, which would regularly publish its proceedings over a primary website.

26-29 min: Clandestine reasoning for continued E&T suppression since 1951 has transitioned from “weapons threats” to “it’ll rock the boat financially.” Turns out both the “national security” and “it’ll upset the markets” arguments are specious and inverted. Both “national security” and general financial well-being WOULD IMPROVE DRAMATICALLY if selected best-of-breed RFEs had been allowed out decades ago. The “Truth Embargo” on these topics must end. Even as things like “Breakthrough Energy Coalition” are being forced forward from the “Deep State bowels,” honest grassroots efforts are needed because of the negative track record and telesis.

29-30 min: Important note: Snakes have the ability to disgorge things they’ve swallowed.

32-34 min:  RESTORATIVE JUSTICE is needed. “Punitive damages do not need to be involved at all, believe me. If you could get your arms around compensatory damages in this area, it would be so staggering that…the mind reels. Full compensatory damages with all the things that have gone sideways here…is much greater than our needs. We wouldn’t be able to digest that amount of money through a process, even of accelerated global distribution of these technologies over the next five-plus years.”

“But a partial element…an integration of that compensatory damage concept can and should fly under the banner of Restorative Justice. Capital “R,” capital “J” – RESTORATIVE JUSTICE – and this is a principle of Natural Law. This is fundamental to our genetics and to our human nature. It’s just a concept like, ‘Timeout guys, this is really unfair and wrong. It needs to be addressed.’  Creating and ratifying the US founding documents was a “Natural Law process.”

34-36 min: Fundamentals of sovereignty and governments. “The government is created by the NATURAL SOVEREIGNS. Who are the natural Sovereigns? It’s We the People. Read the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. It’s all right there.”

“The natural sovereigns who created this thing in the first place – that’s become kind of a Frankenstein, our federal government, dragging chains down the hall at midnight – we’re the natural sovereigns…We the People. It is only human beings that have this natural sovereignty that they can then lend to the structure of a government. But, when that structure of government no longer follows the founding principles at all – blatantly doesn’t follow the principles that the natural sovereigns created – it’s time for us, We the People, to say ‘Timeout.’ So, this is what this New Energy Declaration is all about.”

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