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Waking up and Smelling the New Energy Coffee

I just read an interesting article, 50 Plus MPG Cars not Allowed in the US or Canada, which indicates that people are beginning to Wake Up and smell the Coffee regarding the fact that key US federal government agencies – and the corporate Big Boys controlling them – have not permitted the wee folk (ie: We the People) to have the benefits of … Free Enterprise.

Oh, heck, Al, talk about an Inconvenient Truth!

Because … I’m thinking how much you folks like to lecture about Free Enterprise and Free Markets and the Triumph of Capitalism and all that.  And, now that I think of it there’s the issue that in a democratic Republic (as the talking heads reassure us we’ve got), citizens would be informed that their own gummint is withholding potential great improvements to human life and planetary conditions.  Then, natch, there’d be spirited discussions on the Town Square.

Presumably, our great fidelity to Founding Principles along such lines is what inspired our “ruling elite” to gift Democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan (cough, cough) where our altruistic “defense contractors,” major “energy firms” and Wall St. banksters … have been so helpful.

The Any-Day-Now high-government-official mea culpa on the fifty-plus year ruthless and suppression of needed Energy and Transportation technologies might go like this;

It’s true that JD Rockefeller and JP Morgan buried the memory of Nikola Tesla on purpose and confiscated and withheld his most important inventions, some of which held the potential to liberate humanity and Mother Earth from much needless suffering and deprivation that’s since ensued. 

It’s true that powerful elements of the US government were subsequently complicit in this heist of vast potential Free Market Benefits for humanity and Mother Earth in violation of constitutional principles, anti-trust legislation, morality and stuff like that.  Since passage of the 1951 Invention Secrecy Act, the CIA, Pentagon, Patent and Trade Office, FBI, “Department of Justice,” federal courts and the Department of Energy have all been complicit in lying to you and helping withhold certain needed energy and transportation technologies. 

This profit-and-power driven unlawful activity – true “national security” lock-downs applying only in very rarely – has caused a tremendous restriction in human progress, great human and environmental damage, needless conflict between nations and avoidable major military confrontation, etc.  However, the main cartel powers that have compelled and benefited from this long-standing situation – including the Big Oil firms, various “Defense contractors,” and a wide range of Wall St. and City of London types – now will be making amends in a big way by funding a multi-trillion dollar New Energy Restorative Justice Fund.

Okay, let’s not hold our breath.  But, it’s a vision to work toward.


Awakening Average Folk to Inconvenient Truths

I’m having fun these days, living in a beautiful seaside location in Baja California, near Cabo San Lucas.  I’ve been fortunate to meet some truly wonderful people in the neighborhood here, including “Jack.”

Jack and his wife have a beautiful home on a secluded section of beach.  But, Jack is also a worldly type.  A graduate of the Thunderbird MBA program, he and his wife have lived all over the world.  He’s been working in the oil business for decades.  Now in his 60s, Jack is an intelligent and thoughtful type.

Last night, taking my evening walk on the beach, I ran into him, taking an ocean swim now that the water’s warmed up.  We had a beer on his porch after sunset and discussing international and metaphysical topics.  As I reviewed my “New Energy project history,” Jack said he couldn’t believe there really has been organized suppression of needed energy and transportation technologies.  “I mean, wouldn’t they also want to see a better world?” …

This is one of the big hurdles we face; trying to get people to see that the reality they’ve believed in for so long is not based on the kind of bedrock they presume.  We also discussed how common “Willful Ignorance” is. Willful Ignorance is when people decide to throw important topics into the “conspiracy theory” bin because they’re uncomfortable with the implications. The problem is that The Show is heading over a cliff, right now.  This is a message I just sent Jack, following up on our conversation yesterday.


Jack –

Don’t recall if I’ve mentioned the address where I’ve posted my “online New Energy resources.” I met Brian O’Leary in January of ’04.  At the time, I was living and working in Costa Rica. You can watch Brian’s Thrive cameo, which I mentioned yesterday, here.  It turned out well.

Adam Trombly is an inventor that was also interviewed for Thrive.  In the late 80s, he invented and demonstrated a commercially viable “revolutionary free energy” electrical generator that could be used to power any home off-grid, and possibly be used as a power source for electrical vehicles.  Certainly, it would power many commercial and agricultural applications as well. This is a fuel-less device associated with the nMachine developed by Bruce dePalma that was also suppressed from market entry, which was developed around concepts pioneered by Michael Faraday (his “homopolar generator”).

As with over a hundred similar cases our volunteer network has documented, Adam was shut down by the main “control group” that monitors “New Energy” developments, globally, and takes out anything that appears to be clearing final hurdles toward large-scale distribution.  Adam finally gave up trying to get his technology disseminated due to serious threats on his life, uncompensated confiscation of his equipment and loss of all his financial assets by US government agencies and such – another sad story in this field.

Adam’s Thrive cameos are here and here.

We’ve documented over 50 such stories that the media says nothing about nor our government, and the public remains clueless about.  Sad, as we enter one “Oil War” after another and the incomes of individuals and nations are being drained by our extremely corrupt “Military-Industrial” (energy, media, etc) sectors, who’s co-opted our government.

I also mentioned Dr. Greer, saying he’s had substantial experience with these “control groups” in the US and internationally.  Here’s his one-minute explanation of these dynamics, in Thrive.

While some of the Tesla-class technologies are so powerful that there are aspects of their dissemination that “deserve consideration” re: legitimate security issues, overwhelmingly, since the days of Tesla and JP Morgan, suppression has simply been about maintaining a dramatically over-expensive and dysfunctional global Energy sector because of the power, control and profits involved. 

In many cases – like the Puharich-Pantone-Meyers type “water car” (ie: advanced electrolysis) technologies, all of which were shut down – it’s clear the suppression, with the complicity of high-level US federal agency actors, is just about maintaining the status quo Big Energy arrangements which, unfortunately, are really harming society and the environment.

Anyway please stop by again.  I enjoyed the chat and I’ve always got tequila, margarita mix and a few cold Pacificos handy.  Or, might see you on the beach, soon.  I usually take the ATV down the south route around sunset.