Free Energy truth

Waking up and Smelling the New Energy Coffee

I just read an interesting article, 50 Plus MPG Cars not Allowed in the US or Canada, which indicates that people are beginning to Wake Up and smell the Coffee regarding the fact that key US federal government agencies – and the corporate Big Boys controlling them – have not permitted the wee folk (ie: We the People) to have the benefits of … Free Enterprise.

Oh, heck, Al, talk about an Inconvenient Truth!

Because … I’m thinking how much you folks like to lecture about Free Enterprise and Free Markets and the Triumph of Capitalism and all that.  And, now that I think of it there’s the issue that in a democratic Republic (as the talking heads reassure us we’ve got), citizens would be informed that their own gummint is withholding potential great improvements to human life and planetary conditions.  Then, natch, there’d be spirited discussions on the Town Square.

Presumably, our great fidelity to Founding Principles along such lines is what inspired our “ruling elite” to gift Democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan (cough, cough) where our altruistic “defense contractors,” major “energy firms” and Wall St. banksters … have been so helpful.

The Any-Day-Now high-government-official mea culpa on the fifty-plus year ruthless and suppression of needed Energy and Transportation technologies might go like this;

It’s true that JD Rockefeller and JP Morgan buried the memory of Nikola Tesla on purpose and confiscated and withheld his most important inventions, some of which held the potential to liberate humanity and Mother Earth from much needless suffering and deprivation that’s since ensued. 

It’s true that powerful elements of the US government were subsequently complicit in this heist of vast potential Free Market Benefits for humanity and Mother Earth in violation of constitutional principles, anti-trust legislation, morality and stuff like that.  Since passage of the 1951 Invention Secrecy Act, the CIA, Pentagon, Patent and Trade Office, FBI, “Department of Justice,” federal courts and the Department of Energy have all been complicit in lying to you and helping withhold certain needed energy and transportation technologies. 

This profit-and-power driven unlawful activity – true “national security” lock-downs applying only in very rarely – has caused a tremendous restriction in human progress, great human and environmental damage, needless conflict between nations and avoidable major military confrontation, etc.  However, the main cartel powers that have compelled and benefited from this long-standing situation – including the Big Oil firms, various “Defense contractors,” and a wide range of Wall St. and City of London types – now will be making amends in a big way by funding a multi-trillion dollar New Energy Restorative Justice Fund.

Okay, let’s not hold our breath.  But, it’s a vision to work toward.