Good News, Bad News

This morning, trolling “New Energy News” at Sterling Allen’s website, I ran across and listened to half of an interview Sterling just did with someone named Joshua Vojtisek, who’s launching an initiative he calls New Energy Industry.  I also spent a half-hour reviewing materials at their website.  A term they’re using repeatedly is “magrav technology,” explained to refer to “magnetic and gravitational technologies.”

On a “Join the Team” page on their website, there are many positions listed – volunteer positions where they’re welcoming participation.  They’re raising funds via the issue of a coin they’ve designed, which has Nikola Tesla’s image on it.  These are being sold for $19, with “founder’s upgrade” donations of $49 and $99.  A related promotional says, “The New Energy Industry is an educational media outlet that connects you to the emergent world of Magrav technology,” saying their Tesla coins, “…connect you, energetically, to all the other founder coins around the world.”

They are saying the current period is a pivotal time, involving “ending the reign of combustion technology.”  Yes, that is in process and must be accelerated.

A big question, is just what kinds of efforts and projects can most effectively accomplish that goal.  Another big question is just what will evolve next; whether humanity will continue in a somewhat-more-subtle death-grip of the overly-centralized, parasitic, war-addicted Big Energy cartel or truly enter a new global era of … Shared Prosperity and Health.

Here in California, the FCEV agenda that our state government is quietly ramping up major taxpayer funding on involves the troubling combo of:

a)  “No more combustion!” and “Zero Emissions Vehicles!” (cheers in background) alongisde…

b)  Humanity and Mother Earth continuing forward with the invisible hands of JD Rockefeller and JP Morgan’s walking Zombie Big Oil cartel around their throats.

We instead need and deserve … Free Energy, Now!

Joshua of the New Energy Industry project indicates that founder-donors will receive a CD of open-source patent information and scientific papers related to the advanced theories of Nassim Haramein and the work of the Keshe Foundation, etc.  When Sterling asks Joshua how relevant most may find this information – re: advancing the cause of getting the suppressed BEs out into circulation – Joshua admits that “99% probably won’t understand” the contents but it can become a constructive piece.

I am someone who wants to see the suppressed BEs out massively, globally – under a highly-accelerated Restorative Justice program which the New Energy Declaration is designed to create – for the benefit of all humanity, all Nature, and our magnificent and much-abused planetary host.  As such, I wish success to all working along similar lines.  I believe Josh and his collaborators are sincere and, thus, wish them success.  I feel they can and probably will make an important contribution re: raising awareness.

However, interestingly, after reviewing those materials, I decided to do my bi-monthly check of Alex Jones headlines.  There, I found an article, Two Standards of Justice: DOJ Doesn’t Punish Crime Among its Ranks, which includes this note,

The records don’t include names, but they do reveal a “startling array” of transgressions and misconduct in which DOJ officials nevertheless escaped prosecution or firing. It’s like the fox guarding the henhouse because the DOJ is responsible for prosecuting corruption in the public sector. This includes government agencies and elected officials at most levels. The records show that dozens of DOJ officials, ranging from FBI special agents and prison wardens to high-level federal prosecutors, have faced no consequences for criminal behavior or serious misconduct.


Let’s support all causes that can help take forward our urgent quest to uplift life for all on our beautiful planet by getting the long-suppressed Breakthrough Energy and Transportation technologies into circulation.  There will be no permanent peace, prosperity, health and “Shared Abundance” in our world until this happens.

But, let’s not forget that every single time a wonderful breakthrough energy Golden Egg has hatched during the past century, the same Old Snake slithers out from behind the bushes and swallows it. This has to stop, but will not stop until We the People demand it.

I am bored to death by Al Gore’s 10 Million Solar Roofs pitch.  People around our planet cannot afford this.  We all need mobility.  We will not be driving solar-powered cars.  I also do not want to pay Chevron, Texaco, BP or any of the other Big Oil Bad Boys Rogues Gallery at the pump anymore, which means I don’t want one of the “FCEVs” our world’s Big Boys are planning to roll out as the next hat trick.

Let’s adopt “Free Energy Now!” as our mantra.

Let’s advocate the creation of a … Multi-Trillion Dollar Free Energy Restorative Justice fund.

Please endorse the New Energy Declaration and help promote awareness of The BE Option.