Joe Cell suppression

Genius and Abundance vs. Planet of the Apes

During the past eight years, I’ve been reading a private-circulation message series, involving a project based around “reincarnation research and education.” During this period, I’ve read about 26,000 pages of project transcripts.  In the process, I’ve become convinced that reincarnation’s for real and have developed insights re: identifying reincarnation examples.

Regardless of your beliefs on such topics, with the preceding as introduction, I’d like to suggest that the brilliant Australian inventor Joe – of “Joe Cell” fame, a down-to-earth, friendly, incredibly brilliant man – is, most likely, a reincarnation of Nikola Tesla.

Whether true or not, it’s clear that, like Tesla, Joe has ideas and understandings in a completely different league than existing “expert opinion” and general society.  Like Tesla, Joe is fundamentally a humanitarian.  He’s not greedy.  He’s not possessive.  His goal is neither fame nor “making a million” (though his inventions could “make a trillion”).  He simply wants to invent and see the products of his genius put to use.

But nooooo…

Here we are on Planet of the Apes – I’m referring to “common standards of behavior,” in areas where it matters most – so it turns out its impossible to give gifts of the magnitude Joe can.  They will instead be brutally sequestered.

The sector we call “Energy” remains the single most important and fundamental of the global economy.  It determines the landscape of that other juggernaut sector known as transportation, and lies at a very fundamental level vis a vis determining average quality of human life on planet Earth, the structure of poverty and scarcity versus equality and shared abundance, etc.

So, isn’t it sad that human self-centeredness, greed, apathy and cowardice continue to deprive all of us – and Mother Earth, our planetary host – of gifts those like Joe would like to offer?

Yesterday, I ran across the following two clips.  These were shot, spontaneously, in Joe’s workshop in Australia, by a man who’s been recording feedback for the benefit of the international audience interested Joe’s work.  Joe’s been harassed and threatened by a variety of shadowy individuals connected to “governments” and Big Energy.  Sadly, no institution nor public group has stepped forward to provide Joe adequate protection and support to counteract these elements.  Thus, he has discontinued all work on his more promising technologies.

These are factors the New Energy Declaration seeks to change, by developing a grassroots movement willing to support the accelerated international distribution of best-of-breed breakthrough energy technologies.

Folks, we will continue paying $4 per gallon at the pump for the fuel Joe indicates no car engine really needs, until this spiritual sea-change occurs.

The “Suzuki” Joe refers involves one of several vehicles he’s outfitted with a “Joe Cell,” leading to the vehicle then running … “without fuel” and “without spark.”  Joe has only partially explained this technology to others.  In these clips, he explains why.

Help bring about a better world by endorsing the New Energy Declaration and its proposal to create a trillion-dollar Free Energy Restorative Justice Fund.

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