Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change

New Energy Background Transcript

In the summer of 2013, I created an audio backgrounder to introduce the New Energy Declaration concepts. The audio quality was poor, but here’s the transcript.  JW

“For many different reasons – associated with the decay of our economy, ongoing in the United States, and in Europe and elsewhere and the decay of the integrity of our government – it’s becoming increasingly obvious to all that we need to Reinvent.  We need to take this opportunity to Reinvent our Society.

I want to say that this more formal Truth & Reconciliation process on the New Energy topic   would be publishing its findings on the internet on an ongoing basis.  institutions and organizations would be named that have been complicit in the suppression of the emergence of needed energy and transporation technologies; those best of breed solutions which pose no threats to any, except those repeatedly holding back human progress. There will be a public education and shaming process proceeding hand-in-hand.

As a result, much needed, healing Restorative Justice – capital “R,” capital “J” – would result, even without coercion, even without lawsuits…which, at some level, can and should occur.There have been major damages – to society, to individuals, inventors, small firms,  investors; to human society and eco-systems – as a result of this long-running suppression of needed revolutionary energy and transportation technologies. There has been unlawful behavior which, in cases, has both violation of constitutional principles and RICO statutes, homicide and violent crime statutes.  The cloak of law provided by Section 181 of the 1951 Invention Secrecy Act needs to be stripped away in some of these cases involving extreme abuse of national security laws and public trust.

In law, there’s a concept of compensatory damage.  There is a larger theme associated with compensatory damages, associated with fundamental natural law, known as Restorative Justice.  This concept goes back to all ancient societies.  It is inbuilt in our human nature, in our genetics.  It comes from the soul level of the human being, if you will.  The concept of Justice: there is a natural sense of justice within all of us.

And, there is a concept of Restorative Justice that’s a preliminary and a prerequisite to healing, reconciliation and renewed progress.  So, Restorative Justice needs to happen at some level.  Truth-telling, in turn, is prerequisite to that, so we need Truth-telling.  And so, this Truth & Reconciliation process – the basis for which has been developing informally on the internet in these areas for a decade – could become a more formalized process; yet, kept with integrity, so that it doesn’t go the way of the 9/11 Commission or the Warren Commission.

As that unfolds, I believe that a public education and a public shaming process would result in Restorative Justice whereby many who have retained unfair monopoly advantages for a long time in the Big Energy sector – who’ve accumulated billions or trillions via unfair privilege – will step forward and say, “I’m willing to help. I will help fund the accelerated national and international distribution of these technologies because I realize that must happen now to make a more secure and better world.  This can be an atoning act on our part.  It can help us and you move forward.”

There are other possibilities. Some speak of NESARA genre and “Global Collateral” funds that might provide funding for the large-scale Global Renaissance Program I’ve been advocating for years, of which New Energy should be one of its primary planks, the others being New Health and New Earth.

Our group would identify up to a half-dozen best-of-breed commercially-ready breakthrough energy technologies that can be released safely – that have no added significant weapons potential; that can be phased and targeted regarding distribution nationally and internationally; that can benefit from the Restorative Justice processes mentioned – to help get going a much larger version of FDR’s 1930s WPA; the Works Program Administration that created so much American infrastructure of roads, bridges, hospitals and public service projects; that led to the prosperity of the United States during the 1950s, 60s, etc.

What our world needs now should involve a much larger plan than FDR’s WPA, because it should be fully international in scope and dovetail with rewriting American foreign policy greatly for the better.  There would be other planks besides New Energy, too, such New Health.  The national and international components of this program would be much larger in scope than FDR’s WPA and the Marshall Plan for Europe combined.  We would take a significant percentage of the US and the NATO military forces and dramatically repurpose them.  Conventional defense budgets need immediately to be cut by more than 50%.

Much of the original enabling US “National Security legislation” of the late 40s and early 50s is way past its expiration date and must go.  Again, we now have either Crisis or Opportunity to Reinvent, and I want to stress the latter.  New Energy T&R processes will assist We the People to recognize great new opportunities for reinvention and for moving forward.

We do not need 18 US federal “intelligence agencies,” tripping all over themselves as well as our Bill of Rights and Constitution, while sucking the Treasury dry.  It has been extremely harmful to our democracy to have developed so many layers of “official secrecy” in government – directly contradicting Founding Principles regarding government transparency and the flow of information to We the People – which needs to be addressed broadly.  Again, it’s time to Reinvent.

During and on the heels of the New Energy T&R process, a few other such processes are needed. Here, I will just mention one other important one. We need to comprehensively address the central banking-Fed topic. New organizations to be formed and funded, legislation stricken down and effectively repealed, due to its unconstitutional nature. Even if, as in the case of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, it’s been on the books a century; even if, as in the case of the 1949 CIA Act and the 1951 Invention Secrecy, they’ve been on the books half a century.  Again, it’s time to Reinvent.

We will get young people and people of all ages from American society involved with the new domestic program, the WPA counterpart, which will include a New Energy, New Health and New Earth plank.  The international counterpart will be a transitioning mechanism for our military forces and structures and the booting up of a new far more constructive foreign policy.  All of this means dramatically strengthening the global and the US economy, building new manufacturing strengths, new professional and skills base, and building new bridges of cooperation, friendship and healthy infrastructure internationally. It’s time to get going on this project.