Tom Bearden

Tom Bearden, Free Energy Pioneer

Tom Bearden was a brilliant man with what he called a “country boy’s” knack for being able to explain extremely complex scientific theories in simple language. He had an amazing balance of communication skills, humility, patience and knowledge of all major fields of human activity.

Although Tom passed away several years ago, his website remains online. One of many impressive items posted there is this Table of Contents from Tom’s previously unpublished book, Matters Arising.

As is often true of those who hold the greatest potential for human and planetary liberation, if you put Tom’s name into google, what you’ll get back  most prominently are paid disinformation “editorials” emphasizing that term usually used to discount whatever it is that the controller class (aka: “Cabal,” “Deep State”) don’t want the wee folk to know about. Yup, “conspiracy theory,”  and here’s a prime example –

“Bearden believes that governments and secret organisations control various secret technologies without the knowledge of the common people. Among these technologies are perpetual motion devices which he believes were made possible by Maxwell’s Theories (which have been altered and curtailed to suppress the information). Bearden contends later interpretations and vectorisations by Heaviside and Lorentz were suppressed by the banker JP Morgan.”

Just a little problem with that hit piece. Turns out the whole previously dumbed-down world of academic physics is waking up to the fact that every atom in the universe, not to mention every planet and star, is a “perpetual motion device” drawing “free energy from the vacuum.” Oops.

Tom was an amazing font of knowledge which you get a feel for watching this interview he gave for Dr. Steven Greer’s Sirius project in 2012.

2012 testimony by Dr. Tom Bearden for the CSETI project of Dr. Steven Greer.

Some notes from the first 20 minutes of the interview  –

Tom mentions Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe free energy power plant and the first-person testimony of Tesla’s nephew per riding in an automobile Tesla converted to “free energy.” Its internal combustion motor was replaced by an electric motor which Tesla powered via electricity transmitted from the Wardenclyffe tower. Tom also mentions the 50 kilowatt “free energy generator” T. Henry Moray built in the 1930s – housed in a 50 pound box – and several other proven revolutionary energy devices that disappeared.

Regarding suppression, Tom says, “Today we don’t so much have big kingdoms…we’ve got big cartels that are inter-locking corporations and, behind this, we’ve got a few people who are quite wealthy and own most things. Now, the fundamental nature of the beast for that empire – let’s call it an empire, it’s a corporate empire, it’s basically a cartel – anytime we have a powerful cartel and set of people that control a lot of things, that resists any means of changing its inflow of control and its inflow of funds, money and power. You know, everybody’s trying to be the big monkey. It’s really as simple as that. The more powerful the agency – the group, the cartel – the more they will resort not only to legal means but also to extra-legal means to the competition. And, we have giant economic cartels in energy. So, yes, in my view, there is a very active suppression effort by those kinds of folks.”

Tom says, “Energy’s free from the vaccuum for the taking. We just have to learn how to use it.”

“We go around building things that insist on having this three-dimensional exchange of energy, we’ve got to put it in to get whatever we get out and lose some in the middle, so we’ve got a terrible situation all the way. It’s called entropic engineering. Never go over unity. Forget it. Lose a lot. We talk about efficiencies for a power system at 30%…and all that stuff.”

“But, nature doesn’t require you to do that. All you have to do is break a little bit of this three-dimensional symmetry…once you break the flow in three dimensions, you no longer have to conserve the energy in three dimensions, the basic “conservation of energy” is an inflow from four dimensions and an outflow in three dimensions. And, that one is free. Giant neg-entropy is free [ie: “revolutionary free energy”]. Nature will start reorganizing a goodly percentage of the whole “vaccum” for you…and will continue it as long as you leave the dipole alone. The original charges in dipoles in the original matter of the Universe have been putting out energy for 15 billion years.”

“Today, we’re saying we can’t engineer neg-entropy [ie: revolutionary free energy and “perpetual motion machines” that imitate Nature] when neg-entropy is the easiest thing in the universe to engineer, whereas the entropy’s the hard way to do it! And, that’s the way we all do it. The bottom line of all this is that if we initiate the negative entropy and let it go, it’s just like you punched a hole in the ground and you’ve got a big gusher of oil. You don’t have to furnish the pressure and you don’t have to furnish the oil…and the common dipole in every electrical circuit pours out energy in that fashion.”

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