Emery Smith on Free Energy Suppression

Emery Smith on Free Energy Suppression

There is now fast-growing awareness among leading edge segments of the population – in the US and internationally – regarding the fact that there have been multiple huge “secret space programs” siphoning enormous material and human resources away from many pressing needs to improve the quality-of-life on Earth for average folk and deal with our world’s most pressing environmental and “shared scarcity” problems, dating back to the 1950s.

Dr. Michael Salla of Exopolitics.org fame is probably our world’s most authoritative sourceĀ  and prolific author re: all things relating to “ET coverups” and associated history. He has made a convincing case that Pres. Eisenhower met with a group of “benevolent, humanoid ETs” at Edwards AFB in 1954, his committee rejecting their offer to end human poverty and disease in exchange for the US leading a global disarmament campaign. According to Dr. Salla’s documented research, this led to a subsequent proposal from “the other team” (ie: “bad ETs”) that was solidified via a 1955 Holloman AFB meeting between Eisenhower and a different off-planet group, involving “limited human abductions in exchange for high tech, no questions asked.”

Amazing and incredible as the foregoing sounds, a tremendous amount of evidence has emerged during the past decade plus, indicating that it’s factual history. Fast-forward to today, amazing whistle-blowers are finally emerging from the bowels of various deep-cover secret space programs which metastasized over the past 60+ years, the results of unwise (and unconstitutional) decisions of the Eisenhower era regarding ET and world affairs.

This as intro, here are three excellent clips touching on the brutal, systematic and unacknowledged historic suppression of “revolutionary free energy devices” – esp. for the transportation sector, also, off-grid power – which Emery Smith has experienced first-hand as a former secret space program employee and as an entrepreneur who has survived various assassination attempts caused by his intention to distribute an amazing revolutionary free energy device in his possession (Al Gore and “CO2 AGW 5G Smart Grid” fans, take note).

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

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