ITNJ International Tribunal for Natural Justice

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Our world cries out for “Natural Justice.”  In the United States, almost nothing is left of the founding principles of our nation, which was intended to be an inspiring example of government “Of, by and for The People.”  It has, instead, become a government “Of by and for the major corporations, the Wall Street firms, the defence contractors,” etc. – just another latter-day Rome misadventure and dead end story.

It is past time, now, for reinvention and re-establishing foundations.

Enter the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, an new initiative which, given adequate support, can make major near-term contributions setting our world to rights.

Neither the main international courts – eg: the ICC and ICJ – nor the US Supreme Court nor US federal courts have prosecuted the most egregious ongoing crimes of our era.  To list all such would create a post longer than most will care to read.  But, that would need to include major “false flag wars,” where the real criminals and culprits have been allowed to remain in leadership positions and,  likewise, a wide range of major crimes obscured by abused “national security secrecy” – topics that have not yet circulated openly…but soon will.US declaration of independence

Within the latter category is the untold story of long-standing “official suppression” of clean, safe, revolutionary energy & transportation technologies which our world desperately needs; to free itself from high-level corruption, eliminate endemic poverty and the worst causes of environmental harm and international tension, and create a new world of “shared abundance.”

While the levels of corruption affecting our own nation (the US) are pathological, across the international landscape, sadly, the story is largely the same.  There are a few examples of nations cleaning up their acts in notable ways – Iceland is often mentioned in this context – yet little across the institutional landscape is adequately aligned with principles of “natural law” (recognized in the US Declaration of Independence, yet abused by our current “privatized” USG federal government) to be capable of addressing so many sources of injustice and misalignment.

The ITNJ holds great potential to step into this void and be of service.

This page sets forth some basic ITNJ objectives and background.  One section, titled, “When Natural Law is the rule, entrenched systems of domination and control will give way to the will of the People” suggests…

  • Imagine a world where powerful banking families no longer have a death-grip on the global economy.
  • Imagine a world where trans-national corporations aren’t pitting laborers of one country against those of another in a race to the lowest possible wages.
  • Imagine nation after nation routing out corrupt politicians and holding new elections.
  • Imagine a world where you can trust the 6 o’clock news and it’s not full of fear-mongering designed to pit us against each other.
  • Imagine a world where corporations that pollute entire villages must clean up their messes and pay restitution.
  • Imagine a world where safe and natural cancer treatments are no longer suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry and medical treatments don’t cause harm.
  • Imagine a world where corporations like Monsanto aren’t crushing our food farmers … where everyone has plenty to eat and all food is grown organically.
  • Imagine a world with no fraudulent foreclosures where everyone has a home.

Another point on the list above is, “Imagine a world with clean energy that is free to everyone – no nuclear plants, no coal, no oil, no fracking, no toxic fumes.”

Yes, “imagine that.”

As the New Energy Declaration makes clear, sadly, this is a world we could and should have had long ago, a world humanity and Mother Earth have long been deprived of for unlawful and unethical reasons, while protecting predatory and parasitic interests.

In the Big Energy sector – largest sector of the global economy – this is a story that goes back to the day of JP Morgan, JD Rockefeller and Nikola Tesla, with important implications that have played out during the past century.  Sadly, it’s a story of greed, dishonesty and parasitism triumphing the higher values … those which all the religions and the US Constitution say they stand up for.

If you’ve not yet ratified the New Energy Declaration and circulated it to others, please do so.  And, please, do whatever you can, every week, to set our world to rights.  Remember, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Thank you,

James Wallerstedt
New Energy Declaration founder

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