Nassim Haramein vector equilibrium

Free Energy Now Allowed

There is general understanding that “free energy” in the form of solar or wind power “is allowed,” because both technologies are fully explained by conventional science.

Zero Point Energy (ZPE) technologies – aka: Virtual Photon Flux – however, are “not allowed,” because conventional science and engineering has not embraced a formal explanation how they operate. Perhaps we should qualify that by saying that scientists in the “open non-black budget sector world” are not agreed on how ZPE technologies operate, as there is evidence that secretized military-industrial “breakaway civilization” elements have been operating ZPE technologies for energy and transportation uses for decades.

Individuals in the “Breakthrough Energy movement” who’ve provided theoretical background for how ZPE genre technologies work include Dr. Tom Bearden and Nassim Haramein.

Nassim’s work is currently taking the world of academic physics by storm, in the US and internationally. His theories center around “the Vector Equilibrium,” and frameworks of resonance and fractal geometry. Nassim is being given credit for taking Albert Einstein’s work to the next level, resolving the main outstanding conflicts and unanswered questions.

Nassim’s work also has now provided the world of academic physics – thus, the engineering disciplines of tomorrow – with a plausible explanation how exotic ZPE-VPF technologies produce virtually limitless energy from “the quantum plenum.”

Here’s the trailer for a new film about Nassim’s theories and life’s work.

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