Full Disclosure Project

The Full Disclosure Project

Getting the “Breakthrough E&Ts” into mass distribution – the long-suppressed Energy & Transportation technologies needed to create Shared Abundance vs. Shared Scarcity and Perpetual War – remains Job #1 on the planetary Golden Age agenda, even if the matter remains unacknowledged by the general population.

We understand that enlightened change always begins with small grassroots movements then grows organically. Some major Good News on this front involves the recent founding of the Full Disclosure Project.

Ever heard of Corey Goode or David Wilcock?

Wilcock is the best-selling author of “The Synchronicity Key” and “The Ascension Mysteries,” who has a weekly Gaia TV program. Corey Goode was inducted into a secret space program operated by the US government and “Military-Industrial Complex” as a teenager. These were “highly classified” programs which had grown out of post-Roswell developments. As documented by many researchers and whistle-blowers, such included the successful reverse-engineering of breakthrough E&T technologies by the late 1950s, including anti-gravity craft and ZPE power generators.

During the past year, David Wilcock and Corey Goode have had a fascinating conversation about Corey’s history and little-known vitally important public issues, which you can review at the Sphere Being Alliance website.

As the New Energy Declaration project has emphasized, the general public of our world has received zero benefit from the long-sequestered Shared Abundance E&T Technologies, many of which originally were financed by taxpayer funds routed through black budget projects. The Disclosure Project addressed this topic way back in 2001. The New Energy Movement, Breakthrough Energy Movement and Thrive projects have all provided supporting evidence.

It’s past time to end this absurd long-running undeclared Truth and Progress Embargo!

Here’s an excerpt from the Full Disclosure Project’s website. Consider becoming involved with and helping support their initiative.


  1. Make the mainstream public aware of the strong evidence that highly advanced technologies are currently being suppressed.
  2. Work to release this technology fully, freely, and immediately.
  3. Seek a Full Disclosure of all “unacknowledged programs.”

Wealth inequality today has never been greater as the wealthiest 62 people on our planet are worth more than HALF of the world’s population combined. The answer to global peace and prosperity lies NOT in giving paper money to the underprivileged as that only provides a temporary stopgap before they are disadvantaged once again. The answer lies in releasing the highly advanced technology that governments have been sequestering. This will guarantee not only basic survival, but a truly prosperous long-term future for EVERYONE on this planet.

For millennia, a genuine scarcity of resources caused local and world wars, costing millions of lives. The great irony of our modern times is that the masses believe this scarcity still exists yet the reality is that we now live in a world with technology that can create abundance for ALL. As such, the only issue remaining is bringing about the transparency of information necessary to free these technologies up for widespread manufacture and distribution.

The Full Disclosure Project’s goal is to support the release of this technology so that humanity as a whole can prosper peacefully and equally. We will be starting an advertising campaign that is being developed with the mainstream population as our target audience. We are creating collaborative efforts between various individuals who will be producing and distributing media projects on this subject line, including Documentaries, Feature Films, Shorts, Animated Films, Commercials, Music and Print.


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