“Smart Meters” and Government Corruption

I highly recommend the block-buster documentary expose on the global “Smart Grid” program, Take Back Your Power.  Director-Producer Josh del Sol has done an amazing job getting the word out re: what’s really involved with this agenda.  Think, “more government surveillance,” “escalating micro-billing, “energy rationing,” and “new international carbon taxes.”  Oh, plus the ability to switch off your ‘fridge via the connection between its “smart appliance” brain and your “smart meter.”  Great stuff.

None of this expensive plan – paid for by the taxpayers, natch – actually has any of the touted environmental or logistic benefit.  I like Josh’s optimism – expressed in the following update – that the Orwellian machine still directing our federal government is beginning to falter.  Alex Jones’ recent update about upcoming US military martial law exercises in the US – alongside the NDAA, etc. – however, might make us wonder.

Here’s the latest TBYP update.Alex Jones on NDAA

“Spring begins to bloom, and signs increase that the wheels may be falling off the technocratic wagon as crimes continue to be revealed. With the machine’s momentum still continuing its careening slide, the question of when it will stop and how smooth the transition will be remains up to all of us.

Below is an info-rich range of recent news items which illustrate the depth and breadth of systemic failure at hand and the need for correction. With the worldwide “smart” meter deployment, we are undoubtedly seeing several Problem-Reaction-Solution schemes.


(1) Problem Spin: Climate crisis endangers all life
(2) Reaction: “We must limit CO2”
(3) False solution: Fund and deploy “smart” meters (no energy savings nor environmental benefit)

(*) Real, suppressed solution: New decentralized energy technologies


(1) Problem Spin: Terrorists and hackers endanger our security and lives
(2) Reaction: “We must find ‘bad guys’ and stop them”
(3) False solution: Pass legislation to legalize Orwellian surveillance state (gather unprecedented data on everyone via smart meters, the “internet of things,” etc)

(*) Real, suppressed solution: a) Data encryption, b) disband NSA and end all dragnet surveillance, c) hold liable corporate and government criminals peddling fear and deploying false, harmful solutions.

Notice how the false “solutions” always play on our fears, and are often marketed as “green?” And, how the true ones empower everyone and serve all humanity?

It is challenging to deal with the realization that “leaders” and institutions we trusted have been and still are actively working against us. But deciding to face this with courage and unity is a key part of us all taking back our power.


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